Bought a Laptop :)

i finally a bought a new laptop yesterday.

its HP DV4 1242 TX. it looks cool and have a pretty good configuration.

today ill  create a recovery disc first and then will start all sort of R&D in my laptop 🙂

hv a look at my laptop….

Balu's Laptop
Balu's Laptop


    1. hi shamsudinladha,
      this laptop is cool.but if u want 2 instal XP its quite tedious as most HP laptop does not support Windows XP.
      other than that its really nice.
      this weekend im planning 2 instal high end games n video s/w to test the graphics stuf. will post it later about graphics card.
      n thanks 4 stopin by my post.

  1. hi,
    I am planning to buy dv 4 1242 tx which costs around 54k. Would u plz let me know abt da performance.

    thnks in advance..

    1. hi Manoj,
      this laptop is gud in performance.
      i tried playing few games like nfs most wanted,counter strike. the performance is ok.
      but pls note tat some drivers for windows XP is not available n wont work properly.its better 2 hv vista in it.
      and HP has some default s/w like HP Media Smart tat loads while startup which makes it a bit slow.
      other than tat its a gud choice.

      and dont forget to update “Vista Service Pack2” once when u bought the laptop.

  2. thanks a lot for your reply Bala,
    As mainly i will be using this laptop for flash,flex and some other database stuffs. I have been to a couple of showrooms in hyderabad and i doubt they provide SP2 but vista premium. Only i am quite confused about the display 14,1. please share your experience with this laptop or pros and cons. It costs around 54 k here.I am planning to get it by today evening.

    I came throug some other models also around 45k with almost same configuration but with AMD and ATI graphics, as i m not so sure about these both two dont want to take a chance.

    Please suggest your points regarding the same,


  3. i hv not tried flash n flex in my machine.
    but i hope it shud be performing well.
    n one drawback is, it has 5400 rpm, it wud be better if the hard drive has 7200 rpm.

    and regarding screen size, 14.1 inch is wat i prefer,cos laptop shud b compact,
    but those who work in design may need a bigger its ur choice..

    if ur budget is offordable, y dont u go 4 a processor wic has more thn 2.0 ghz n has l2 cache of 8mb?

    i wud prefer intel rather thn amd.
    n dont bother abt sp2. u can update it from internet after buying. sp2 will increase around 20 gb of ur hard drive free space…

    all the best dude. decide n buy a gud laptop.

  4. hmm thanks a lot for your suggestion and comments…my budgest is more or less 50k so lets c…


  5. Sure Balu,
    As far as my decission is concerned its dv 4 1242 tx so far, but if you have some other good models in the same range of 50-54k.


  6. If you get any update on the 1242 model or some other good model between the same range.. plz let me know..

  7. Hi balu,

    Did you get any offer which you need to apply online in hp site or somewhere..? like you will be getting some cellphone etc..


  8. Hi..
    Can you please tell me..4gb ram is dedicated or shared..?
    i got one wireless mouse and one cooling pad with fan attached to it.

  9. hi manoj,
    1st congratz 4 buying a laptop. 🙂
    the ram all we use is dedicated only.

    its cool that u hv got a wireless mouse and cooling pad.
    how much the laptop costed.and hows its performance? do u like it ?

  10. HI balu,

    it costs around 54,200k including wireless mouse and cooling pad(I got that instead of the so called free gifts they are providing). and so far i have not loaded many softwares only flex. today i will be loading some games, lets c how it performs. The fingerprint reader workds quite as well.

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