3D Blu-ray collection

I’m a fanatic of 3D movies and I have been collecting 3D Blu-rays movies since 2012. My first 3D Blu-ray was Avatar which I bought along with a 40″ Samsung 3D TV at BestBuy in Springdale, OH. Since then I keep buying the movies that catches my attention.

I love to roam around and browse through the media aisles at BestBuy and Target when I used to live in the United States. After moving back to India 2+ year ago, I only find physical stores selling pirated movies where I live currently. Hence, my only choice is to rely on Amazon India to buy legit movies.

Lately, I have become very picky and started to ignore the regular blu-rays that come with blue plastic cases and leaning towards Steelbooks and special editions. However, they are expensive (approx. ₹2500+), so I tend to buy only a 4 or less movies in a year. It roughly comes around ₹10,000 per year which is a lot of money but this hobby is something that I would like to stick with forever.

I have about 45 Blu-rays at home out of which 26 are 3D formats as of today. I know, it is not a lot for a 8 year collection but I’m sure to build an empire of 3D blu-rays someday.

I use Xbox as a player hooked on to my 55″ 3D LG TV to watch the movies. I did not buy a dedicated Blu-ray player as Xbox servers as the gaming console as well as 3D and 4K Blu-ray player.

The challenge now-days is that the market is more for 4k blu-rays than 3D so it is hard find all the titles available in 3D formats. Also there is no 3D TVs that are being manufactured nowadays. However, 3D projects are still available for purchase which is the only hope for fans like me.

Here’s the picture of my movie collection. I would buy a separate bookshelf as my collection grows.

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