Reminder App

I decided to create a reminder app for IOS. This is not a unique idea, but I just wanted to create an app and learn a language required for it. It is so regretful that I haven’t learnt anything new for the past few years. I don’t want to be stagnated with the knowledge that…More

Hello 2014!

Happy New Year to all. 2013 was a wonderful year for me. Lot of memorable moments happened, I got married, bought a decent car, traveled to few places, but what about the most important 2013 resolution ? Saving Money? No!! I didn’t save at all. Let me try this year ;). My 2014 resolution is…More

The wedding invitation show off

Wedding card invitation represents ones culture and religion. I have seen many invitations which are really creative and has cool designs. At the same time I have also noticed one particular thing which is commonly used in most of the marriage invitations. It’s the education and designation mentioned next to the bride / groom and relative’s names.…More


Sized like a full moon, Days later… Disappears like a new moon. – My Bank balance.More


Small wooden box When opened with grace Gives you the hidden treasure! Every evening, I have this habit of opening my mailbox expecting something interesting in it. But I end up seeing nothing or a bunch of advertisement slips 🙂 Picture credit: Google Images.More

Set WOW – 32 bit .net application on a 64 bit PC

My development computer at work was a x86 PC that has windows XP. Recently I had to upgrade to a windows 7 64 bit PC which brought a lot of trouble. One among them is running a .net 32 bit application. After a lot of research I found a way to enable WOW (Windows On…More

Home sweet home

I started my journey to home on July 11, afternoon at Cincinnati airport. I felt the flight like a bullock-cart that can fly. Chicago to Frankfurt: I reached Chicago in an hour and waited there for 3+ hours to catch my next flight to Frankfurt. Chicago airport was nice, it seem to be a happening place…More

Can’t Wait

Why does a week feel so long ? Why a bag full of gifts is still not enough ? No mood to work, cook or eat No patience to wait… I wanna go home!More

Smoky Mountains

This memorial day weekend I toured smoky mountains – Cades cove in Tennessee and Clingman’s dome in North Carolina with my friends. Our first visit was Cades cove which is an auto tour on the valley and mountain.         Then we returned back to the cabin – Black bear hallow in Townsend.   Next…More

If given a choice

If given a choice to become a Superman or a Software Architect, I would choose to be a s/w architect. If no choice given, I will still become a s/w architect. – misterBMore