Home sweet home

I started my journey to home on July 11, afternoon at Cincinnati airport. I felt the flight like a bullock-cart that can fly.

Chicago to Frankfurt:
I reached Chicago in an hour and waited there for 3+ hours to catch my next flight to Frankfurt. Chicago airport was nice, it seem to be a happening place unlike Cincinnati. I spent time in roaming and and checking office Mails. It was time to board and I was so eager to travel and at the same time i was quite curious to see who sits next to me ;). My expectations went down when i saw an old man and his wife :). I booked an aisle seat so that it would be easy for me to go to the bathroom frequently. Before me settling down, the old lady asked me if I can switch the seats, I was not sure why she asked but I just said ok and then realized that the kid sitting behind was kicking the seat now and then. The another old guy who sat next to me was nice and we discussed a lot about Foods and technology. Old people sound more interesting to me when they share their experience.

Frankfurt to Chennai:
I landed in Frankfurt in the morning. The layover time is 4 hours and I used free wifi that lasts only for 30 mins. I used my criminal mind and tried using three different devices (phone and ipad) with different emails and used internet for around 1 1/2 hours :). I bought a key chain, paid in dollars and got the change in Euros. I roamed around noticing people talking English in German accent. I was happy to see lot of Indians at the boarding gate. Frankfurt looked like chennai airport :). This time I was not much curious on who sits near me. In a while I saw a girl approaching my seat asked me to get up so she can go inside. I started to laugh when the crew spoke in Tamil…Seemangale Seematigale…the girl gave me a weird look. she looked like a Tamilian but doesn’t know a single word in Tamil. I somehow felt the old guy’s company was much better than this girl. It’s a nine hour journey and I spent time in reading books, watching movies, eating and sleeping. I was so excited to see the lights and buildings in chennai and prayed that the flight should land properly.
People barged inside the security checks and did not wait in queue at all…oh yes, I reached India :). The girl and I waved bye and it was 1.15 am when I got out of the airport.

Chennai to Kilavikulam:
I did not book a domestic flight to my place as I have to wait for 8 hours in chennai to catch a flight to Madurai and I dont want to disturb my friends or relatives at night so I informed my cousin to book a travels for me few days back. when he said the driver will have a board saying ‘Balu, America’, I wanted him to display ‘Balu, Kilavikulam’ instead :). It’s a innova car and the driver seem to be a nice person but I was bit tensed by his careless driving. After several hours I was so shocked to see the driver sleeping while driving. I was pissed off and asked the driver to stop and have tea. I asked him to sleep for while but he said he is fine.
I thought of booking another car in Trichy or Madurai. I kept talking to him and he was seriously tired to drive and lost his sense many times. I made sure he stops and refreshes now and then. I was cursing my cousin and took care for this stupid driver like a kid. He was totally fine when he took an hour break in Madurai for breakfast. I did not want to eat anything until I reach home. I finally arrived home at 11.30 am July 13. Mom and Periyama asked me why it’s so late before welcoming me 🙂
I gave a lot of extra tip to the driver for safely dropping me and asked him to take rest and then return. He said he’s fine and will take rest whenever required. Huh! It was so easy to come from US to India but reaching my hometown from Chennai is really exhausting.

Home sweet home:
All those tensions flew away when I stepped in to my house. My home is like a Bothi Maram to me. I slept off during the day and was awake all night :).
The very next day I went to my relatives home in rajapalayam and gave the gifts that I bought for them.
I made sure I don’t sound like most of the Indians who return from America who always carry mineral water, talks about hygiene and complains about the traffic and climate 🙂

It’s my second day at home and already enjoying moms food especially Dosa, Chutney and Sambar. My mom, Periyama and I gossiped a lot in two days :).


PS: I got up at 3 am today and started to blog in phone. Let me get out to Thinnai and get some fresh air and signal to post this on cellular data 🙂

PS1: Ready to have Fresh milk 🙂



  1. balu, i still remember ur old home, when i came long back during college days, it has totally changed now,Moral: dollars can change anything 🙂

  2. wow a thinnai 🙂 ! And oh it is so wonderful to always have food in an ever-silver ‘paatharam’. I am sure you have a lot to catch up in your hometown ! Have a great stay Balu ! 🙂

    1. What a coincidence. I was reading your posts just now and saw ur comments on mine. We are true bloggers 🙂 lol

      And yes, I’m having a nice time, fresh air, good food and lots of love at home. Cheers!

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