Writing! remember ? I do not mean writing emails or blogs. I mean the real writing that involves pen and paper.

It has been a very long time since I wrote, I have even forgotten how my hand writing looks like.

It did not occur to me until I saw a friend posted on Facebook that he decided to write. I wanted to write aswell and bought a note from Barnes and noble which I have not opened for days. coincidently, I got a free pencil and pen set from my office today which looks so organic.

Pencil and Note – Made for each other 🙂
Pen and Pencil set that I got from my office

Today, I started to write and really struggled with the spellings and hand writing. I would blame me on losing control over the technology and let it bring down my creativity, intelligence and my uniqueness.

Technology made us lazy with algorithms and bots. One example is the auto-correction that substitutes the spelling when we type wrong. I felt like a dumb when I’m stuck while writing on paper and end up asking Siri to spell for me.

This is me trying to take control from Technology 😀 Movie: Wall-E

I will write more frequently from now that helps me accelerate my thinking and creativity.

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