Ohio Caverns

The trip to Ohio Caverns was nice and simple. The place is not much crowded so I enjoyed my time inside the cave with the crystal stones hanging around me.

I don’t know what this exactly is…May be a Gemstone maker ? 🙂



Entrance to the cave. The treasure is hidden behind the door.




Hanging crystals.



This crystal in the picture below has a history. It’s name was Goodluck Crystal and people were allowed to touch for good luck. In a year the stone turned in to brown due to stain, so they prohibited to touch and renamed it as the Dirty Stone.
Goodluck crystal then, Dirty crystal now.



I couldn’t open my eyes for a while after coming out of the cave.


PS: The crystals doesn’t look crystal clear 🙂 because it was shot using my phone camera in low light.


  1. The crystals are sharp like knife edge. Some looks like worm (yuva – i don’t know how to refer it in English) Anyways u enjoyed right?

  2. I’ve been there. According to the cavern owners, Dale and Francine Oddwalker, (who took us on a private tour of the place), that’s the actual cave where the Seven Dwarfs mined for diamonds, etc. If you look closely you can see where Sneezy stained the cave wall with a gigantic sneeze (Fifth photo down). Sleepy spent many hours napping under those stalactites until one day; a large pointy one dropped down and took his life. Doc tried desperately to save him, but he was too far gone. Doc wasn’t an MD; he had a PhD in Swahili Literature. Bottom line, Sleepy shouldn’t have listened to Dopey’s advice that sleeping under stalagmites was good luck. Of course, it was a sad day for Happy, who never smiled again after the incident. Grumpy groused about having to close the mine while the County Coroner, the Mining Commission, and the Police conducted their investigation. They determined no foul play was involved even though the day before, Sleepy had an argument and a fist fight with Sneezy over which one Snow White liked more. Bashful wasn’t there that day. It’s a little known fact, in spite of what you see in the Disney film, Bashful was never in the mine. In fact, he never left the house due to his agoraphobia condition. That’s why they named him Bashful. Anyway, I liked the photos. It brought back a lot of good memories of the mine. Don’t tell anyone, but I scraped some of the sneeze residue from the wall. I’m currently trying to sell it on eBay. No bids yet, so feel free to take a chance. It’s a one of a kind find.

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