16 hours of power cut,
Polluted air,
Violated rules and
Necessity is now a luxury.
Still I love my country and feel homesick.

I miss my mom, bro, friends, thinnai veedu, dosa, chutney and sambar.


  1. Hi Balu bachcha, nice to here you are missing your country and near and dear one. These are the teething problems everyone faces in a new place. It will take time to adjust. My blessings.Keep healthy and happy.

  2. That’s so sad.. True though.. Power cut and traffic have become a part and parcel of the day that we don’t find anything annoying about that anymore..

    Sorgame vandhalum adhu namma oora pola varuma ? πŸ™‚ Don’t worry, I’m sure India welcomes you with so much warmth when you come back here..:)

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