iPhone 5

September 21 2012 was a FriPhone5Day :). I had Pre-Ordered an iPhone online last week and the ship date was September 28 but I couldn’t wait for it. so I drove to Verizon store on Friday morning and grabbed a 32 GB black iPhone 5 and then cancelled my preorder. This is the first time I drove my car all alone to a place other than my office. The store is less than 4 miles from my home, but I drove extra 6-7 miles just because I was not able to change my lane :). Thats a different story…Here is my review on iPhone 5.

What I like:

The phone is super thin. I did not like the phone when I first saw it online, It looked as it was stretched from it’s original size. But in real, the phone is awesome. It is so flat and thin which even makes it hard to pick the phone from desk. The product design is so good. Kudos to Jonathan Ive. The Apps makes it more powerful and interesting. Also I’m jumping form GPRS to LTE. I got 25.27 Mbps download speed which is double the times faster than my wifi connection.

Thing of beauty.
Fun with SIRI.
Kings island ticket in Passbook. However I was not able to use it as the scanning machine in King island wasn’t working.

What is not exciting:

The User Interface is pretty old. Since the first iPhone, It has the same rows of jelly icons. It is cool, but aren’t we bored on seeing the same interface for 5 years ?. IOS 6 comes with features like Facebook integration, Passbook, Panorama which are new to iPhone that already exists in every other smart phones. Maps is not accurate. I had to use google maps on safari to get the correct route. Why not apple come up Edge to Edge display. I don’t like the bars at the top and bottom of the phone 🙂

What disappointed me:

The phone gives a thud sound when I shake it. Yes, the brand new phone has a loose component (battery not properly secured) inside. Even the display item in the store has the same issue. I called Verizon immediately but they had only white color phones available to replace, I did not want the white one so I took it to the Apple store to get it fixed. I appreciate Apple’s support. No more thuds now 🙂

What I miss from my previous phone (Windows Phone 7):

I’m a great fan of Windows Phone. It’s user interface is awesome and there is no other UI that’s so live and interactive. I totally depend on office docs and skydrive but now I need to make use of the notes on iCloud. The only major concern with my old phone was the battery. I had to charge it twice a day. iPhone is good for a day. Also syncing content from windows phone to mac was not that straight forward. May be I will switch back to windows phone (8) next time 😉

IOS Icons vs Windows Phone Live Tiles.

Overall, iPhone 5 is good.


  1. Wow! Now, that is such a great review that I can decide whether I should or shouldn’t buy iphone 5. My first question to you, WHY NOT WHITE? And don’t give me that excuse for it looks girly cause I think it looks more classy – isn’t it? Anyway, other than that I have head from many that iphone 5 is all the same just a little longer and slimmer but your review kinda defy the statement especially where you discussed about the interface.
    Anyway, I have to buy a new phone before I move to England. Can you help me? I am currently using i phone 4s!

    1. Yes, White is more classy than black, especially the back side of the phone but I personally like black color. One more thing is (u shouldn’t laugh) that the display is always black so a white phone will have two colors(white panel and a black display), watching videos and playing games will be much better in black panel as the white ones will distract 😀

      iPhones UI is a bit old and most of the smartphones has a similar UI :). So I’m just tired of seeing those icons (just the UI part).

      iPhone 4S users need not switch to iPhone5 unless they want to use LTE. It has only few changes under the hood, anyways you have got IOS 6 in iPhone 4S and uk doesn’t have LTE. If you are an Apple fan you can switch. I also heard EE network will soon offer 4G in UK.

      If you want to buy a new phone, you can go for iPhone 5. If you are open to explore other phones, I would suggest windows phone 8. You will definetely like it. But it has only fewer apps when compared to iPhone and android. Windows phone release date is not yet finalized, may be nov 1st week.

      Did I confuse you naima? 🙂

      1. Oops. Lets Make it simple… Have only 2 options. Windows or apple 🙂 choose the one u like by comparing. I can send u videos later.

  2. I still say two tin cans and a string is more reliable. The only dropped calls you get are when you drop a can. But you do need a large ball of string.

    1. Ron, One can use pull notifications using the strings to alert the other person 🙂
      People are really connected on the other end while using tin cans 😀

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