the Wilds

Last saturday, I went to the Wilds, Cumberland, Ohio. It is a wildlife conservation center located on about 10,000 acres. The safari on a open bus was nice. I did not find more animals, but the trip was worth. The pictures below were taken using my phone camera, so it is not that good and I wasn’t  not able to take pictures of animal from long distance. May be I should buy a decent camera before my next trip :).

Balu's Phone_000142 Balu's Phone_000140
Pere David’s deer
Persian Onager
Balu's Phone_000166
Trumpeter Swan
Grevy’s Zebra
Balu's Phone_000269 Balu's Phone_000308 Balu's Phone_000300
Way back home 🙂


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Hello World,
I’m Balu, from India. I write about the happenings, my thoughts etc. Catch up with me at my blog.

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  1. good to know about your trip..well the pics you have clicked aren’t that bad..some of them are really interesting infact.. 🙂

      • you really deserve this award not just for the wonderful blogs you post but also for the support and inspiration you have been in my initial days of blogging.
        thanks.. 🙂

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