iBought an iPad

In one of my previous posts about iPad, I mentioned that I will buy it when I come to US. Yes! I did it. I got my first month salary in dollars and waited for a week thinking whether to buy or not…then I just went ahead and bought it yesterday :). There was some rumors about mini iPad, but I am not interested in smaller size iPads – Actually I don’t have patients to wait till its release :). (I don’t know why people wants the iPad to be smaller and the iPhone to be bigger :D)

Ok, here is what I have bought…

It’s a 3rd generation wifi only model with 32 GB memory. I got 2% discount from my corporate. So It’s 663$ with smart cover and taxes.

I also mentioned in my review that there is nothing interesting other than the Retina display. Yes! It’s all the same with few changes in processor and camera etc. It’s little heavier than the previous one. But the display is stunning. It’s really awesome. I downloaded kindle and iBook apps. I hope reading books would be nice in it.

Tadaaah πŸ™‚




Note: I was not able to add pictures in my post from safari, so I switched to WordPress app to add these pictures but there was no option to set one as featured image, so I had to switch back again to browser. Creating a post in both iPad browser and WordPress native app is a pain and a bit annoying.

PS: I hope Tim cook will not announce a new iPad in WWDC that is scheduled on June 2 week πŸ™‚

– Post published from iPad (Added this signature intentionally :))


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