Smokes from my neighbour’s house

It was a pleasant evening and I’m standing in the balcony enjoying the view.

I noticed smokes passing in front of me. I ignored it in the beginning but later when I saw the smokes keep coming out, I realized that something is wrong. I doubted that AC compressor would have caught fire. To avoid something worse happening, I took my phone to call 911. But I didn’t.

I want to make sure what is happening before I report to 911. So ran down to check. The AC compressor seems fine and smokes are coming from elsewhere.

When I looked up in confusion, I saw an old lady sitting in the balcony and smoking Hookah!

Image source: Google

I never expected a Hookah and just returned home with a funny face 😀

Am I being precautious or just afraid of everything?

Thank God! I did not call 911 🙂


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