101. This is not an emergency number. This is the 101th post of my blog. I wanted to write about my blog experience on my 100th post but my travel experience took that place 🙂 so I’m writing it in my 101th post.

Reaching 100 is not as big or special as Sachin’s centuries of centuries. I have seen many bloggers reaching that number very soon after starting their blog. Still this 100 is special to me.

I have not continued doing anything this long. I never did anything consistent in all my life. It really surprises me that I have blogged for nearly 4 years. So this 100 is not ordinary to me.

Let me share few facts about my blog and me.

Why I blog?

I always wanted to own a website during my college days. That too, I wanted to create a web site on my own. So I created my first website in 2006 in the name of enterbaluzworld.netfirms.com (its dead now). Though I did not like the hosting service name ‘netfirms’ after my website address, I had no choice at that time :))

This crap web site was live until the free hosting service expired. I modified it a couple of times and then at some point I understood that I’m not a good web developer/designer. So I stopped wasting time on it. Still I wanted to be a part of the web space. I learned about WordPress somehow and started this blog in the name of balamuthu.wordpress.com in 2008. I recently bought the domain name balamuthu.com when I took blogging seriously.

What I blog?

I used my blog more like a Facebook in the beginning. I used to post or share what ever I find interesting on the web. Then I started to treat it as my diary and posted more about the happenings and thoughts of mine. When I read back my own blog, I felt very good.

I do not write or explain things very well and one can find hell lot of grammatical mistakes on my blog :D, still I don’t mind those and I just write what ever I feel. It’s my damn website 😀

What I read?

I like to read other people’s ramblings. I peek in to other blogs and enjoy reading theirs :). Recently I have found many interesting blogs like Kam’s Column, VandySnape, AmaltaasPurpleBooky, Rhymes with ViennaMy Cup of Tea and lot more…

I show interest to blogs about life, technology, poems and so on.

What I have learnt?

Earlier, It was hard for me to write more than few lines. But now I write so many paragraphs even if there is no matter at all.This post is an example :). I hate lengthy posts and I’m worried that mine is becoming one of those 😦

In the beginning, I don’t mention the source of images/information that I have used in my blog. Now I try to create a picture on my own or mention if I use others.

Regarding comments, I used to comment on other blogs just to make them visit my blog and get some hits :). then, I have become little honest and I started to comment genuinely expecting nothing in return. 🙂

What I expect?

I expect my blog to be a super hit and want the whole world visit my website until the server becomes down :D.I also like to make a lot of good friends.

So that is all about my blog. There is nothing more to tell.

Happy Blogging!!


  1. You are very awesome.

    Let me come back to comment on this again. 🙂 my mobile’s qwerty is quereing… And you know it…. 😉

  2. Balz, first of all congrats for making century and as well the long dreamt onsite oppr. I feel happy when ever a mail hit my mail box with your name “Balamuthu’s Weblog”. It’s nice that from our mates side i believe you are the only one having a blog and blogging often. Wondering how do you get time to do this. Sometimes i feel jealous on you how this paiyaa doing this :). I am gonna to take the privilege of sharing your blog on FB with our friends with your permission. As i admired, soon i will also start blogging. will contact you if i need your help.

    Once again congrats Balz. Keep the good going.

    1. Machi, you are the only person from our mates who comment on my blog frequently. Are you going to share my blog on your FB?, Nice, ‘En friend ah pola yaaru machaan :D’

      Start a blog soon mahe, I told many of our friends, but none of the idiots created one :). Hope you will start one soon.
      Thanks a lot machi!!

  3. As I said, from my PC now:

    Balu, you are very good human being and no more evidence can beat your blog in proving that. As you said, I read what all you blogged beginning with small things, software, links, mobile to your mom, reviews, etc… etc… to your very recent flight journey! You have a very nice flavour of humour and love in almost all of your posts! I appreciate that. There are a few emotional posts too… like this one or the love letter (maths :D)… LOL!

    When it comes to reading, you have always been a very kind commentator and so great you are to share a few blogs on your post (which includes mine, an honour). 🙂 all of that only forces us to believe that there is a reader for us to write. You enhance that real-good-blogging-experience. I mean it. If you doubt, ask Jayati :).

    Your post pinged my memories:
    1. I created first website on netfirms in 2005 for our private study club from college 🙂 ecasa.netfirms.com is gone I think, now.
    2. Later for my friend in bravenet / bravehost for his art work. He indeed is a good artist like you are.
    3. I was on blogger – blogspot from july/aug 2008 and moved to wordpress very recently may be in february to met wonderful people like you are! 🙂
    4. I got a domain name – kamscolumn.com in 2010 lol!

    I am happy to have come across your blog! 🙂 You are inspiring in your own ways. And, when you said about continuing it for so long, I think – the same is the case with me. 🙂 Hey! I am not copying 😉 but that’s what I am.

    1. I second you Kam.
      Its true that Balu has been a great reader as well as a true commenter sharing real feedback and reply. It feels good that we have some real readers of the blog.
      Its a privilege that Balu has shared our blogs on his blog 🙂

    2. Kam, You flatterd me. If you were girl, I would have said, I love you 😀
      Hey, you too hosted a site in netfirms? We have a lot in common dude. I’m happy that I have got a great friend here.
      Even your blog reminds me of something that I have come across 🙂
      Again, you are so wise in your comments and I have got a nice friend in here!

  4. Congratulations for completing 100 blogs,hope many more centuries you are going to make. I am yet to go a long way. Your is going to be a super hit one day no doubt.

  5. Hey Balu !

    Congrats once again for reaching this milestone.
    Its very special, i can understand. Hope i will reach there soon 🙂

    Your blog has been one of the best blogs i have read. I specially like the humor in your posts. I believe blogging experience is satisfying only when one reads blogs like yours 🙂

    Thanks for sharing my blog in your post. Really that’s very kind of you. Day by day even my blogging experience is becoming more and more enriching !

    I am sure your blog will be a super hit one day 🙂

  6. Again congrats on the 100th post 😀 Not many can reach it 🙂 You have an awesome awesome blog here … Very natural and it is always great to meet another Chennai-based blogger .. Your poem on mathematics is one of my favourites ..Keep it going and Happy Posting 🙂

  7. dude …. nice 101th post. so hoping one day you will have a post on your marriage 🙂 expecting that buddy…. and yeah our bike adventure as well… detailed…. congrats again

  8. Made it here via Vandhana’s Platform 93/4, just in time to Congratulate you.
    Century i always special. Whether it’s Sachin’s or Balamuthu’s! Doesn’t matter how long takes as long as you get there. I am sure it must have been a fun journey entertaining readers on the way.

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