Again…Badly hit

Yesterday night,While returning home I had a self skid resulting in scratches on my left hand elbow and toe. Thank god that I was wearing helmet(I always do) other wise I would have ended up in severe injuries on my face and head. The worst part is, My friend Ram who sat behind also had injuries more than mine. I felt bad as I am responsible for the cause. Hope he will get well soon. We went to the nearest hospital and we have been told that we are clinically alright.

I called my colleague / friend Amar and he came immediately. Our agony flew away when he approached us with a SMILE and said ‘Dude, what happened’ :). It’s good to have friends who make things easy.

Last month I had some mild injuries and this one was the second incident. I have to be careful and avoid such events from happening again.

I understood one important thing from my yesterday’s fall. I was in lot of pressure for the past one month in work and I keep thinking about the next day’s work even after coming home. But after yesterday’s event, Nothing was in my mind other than my health. I’m taking leave for the next two days. My mind is totally free from pressure and I’m cool regardless of the pain 🙂

Great… That was a nice lesson…Work is not so important. It’s better to take a break when we are in pressure 🙂

Now I’m reading the book that I stopped a month ago. I’m cool and relaxed 🙂

Life is Beautiful !!


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