Badly hit.

Yesterday was a hard day for me.

I was coming back to chennai from my home town by bus. I got down at madurai for refreshement. After few minutes while returning to the bus, a mental fellow blocked the way and welcomed everybody with some signs. I ignored him and went ahead in a hurry.

It was dark. I tried going through the back side of the bus and when I turned…I felt a sudden attack on my face. I was hit…badly hit by an Iron plate. I was stunned and lost my breathe for few seconds. I looked up by holding the hand kerchief on my face and realized that I was hit on the bus dickey which was open.

Terribly shocked at that moment. I felt a deep pain near the eye and nose. I went ahead in confusion on what happened to me and got in to the bus. With lights ON inside the bus, I could see lot of blood on my kerchief with a bunch of eye lid hair stuck on it.

I used my mobile as mirror and saw two scars on my face. I applied water on that area. I had to travel almost 7 hours and I was not sure how to make it till morning. I even thought of going home back from madurai. but I came to normal after a while. 

It was a damn bad day.

Through the bus window, I could see the half moon accompanied by a couple of stars. But I couldn’t enjoy the scene due to the pain and suffering.

It was not a good day after all. But it’s good that I dint hit on my eye. From that perspective I’m lucky. I took rest today and got to go office tomorrow 🙂



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