Expenses in Chennai, Sky rocketing.

Its a monday morning and I left home early. I mostly don’t use my scooter for office. I used to catch an AC bus and then a share auto to office. It’s always tough to get a seat in the bus. But today it’s unusually free, I wondered and took a seat. When the conductor approached me I handed him 23 rs. He smiled and told me that the price was increased, I gave him extra 2 rs thinking that he asked for 25. He smiled again and said its actually 35 rs.
I was shocked. That’s really too much of money. Now I understood why the bus is super free 🙂
70 rs to and fro is really too much for a single day. My stop has come and I’m puzzled now on how much this auto guys will ask me ???@$

My daily expenses is increasing day by day.

Life at Chennai has become much more costlier.


  1. Balz, Then why do have scooter? You can spend that to and fro bus fare to fuel your scooter. I know the reason behind using the bus instead ur own vecihcle. Whats ur take on tmrw?

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