I turned 28 today

I was working after coming from office and busy talking on phone with my Onsite BA. I noticed the time in my laptop while switching between the application windows…

Its 12 am…

Its June 10…

My Birthday…

What am I doing.. ?

Oh Yeah !! What I’m supposed to do… Nothing really…Im just sitting alone and posting this in my blog…

Huh 28 years over 🙂 I don’t remember anything I did useful till this year 😦

I hope this year will be amazing !! I believe in miracles… Life is always beautiful and its going to be great from today.., Will be doing something BIG which I always dream about…

Cheers !!

Happy Birthday to me !!

And now I feel sleepyy… let me get some sleep.. get up early and wear the new Black shirt to office tomorrow.

So Good Night now..

Wishing me a Happy Birthday !!


  1. Many more happy returns of the day Balz…U should treat me as i am the first well wisher 🙂

    1. Thx Mahendran..Well u always deserve a treat not for wishing me first in WP,it bcos u r the only person who visit my Blog 🙂 and comment.. Thx Machi 🙂

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