If you can invent something, what will it be ?

I am wondering that what can be invented that fundamentally satisfies people’s needs… There are lot things has been invented till now… like Electricity, Internet that changed the world…

Is there anything left. Will the new invention be truly new or will that be an Updation / Imitation of the OLD.

Share your ideas on what you will invent !! Its Fun…


  1. This was a sweet thought provoking post! In fact, I was discussing this very same thing a coupla weeks back with a friend..

    If only something could be invented that could help us overcome our flaws! I mean the more inherent drawbacks, like laziness, etc! Seriously, if someone could come up a “cheap” gadget that serves this purpose, and that works involuntarily (and without external help), it would be awesome!!! 😀

    By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog the other, and for the awesome comments you left there.. And sorry about the delayed visit here… Was kinda held up..

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