Phone for my mom

My mom is in town with me.

Yesterday was nice spending time with my mom. She stayed in my uncle’s home. i went there and presented a new hand phone to her.


She asked for the price and I lied by saying only half of the actual price but finally got caught :), then everyone started scolding, advising like”your mom will not use all the features, moreover she is not going to use the phone often and why did you spent this much and blah, blah, blah”

I just bought it because I liked it and my mom would certainly like it as well…But didn’t tell anything and just showed a smile to all of them 🙂


Had a good dinner,

Said bye to everyone,

Got down the stairs,

Started my bike,

And I noticed my mom seeing me from the balcony,

I felt like a kid going to school and turning back to say “Bye Mom”

Just did the same and left home.

PS: I love you mom.


  1. This is the G8 Gift for U on Pongal MAN,
    Sometime i felt like,

    what’s this lot of guy and girls living far away from home for JOB or so called Gandhi paper :-), Y not even spend with family on Festival days..

    because v hv only few holiday in our calender during stressful work days and also a chance to lie down on mommy lap :-), and hearing past and coming events of our home town/village, stories and lot more..:-)

    But U man u spend really good time with MOM in city with family…so hope u Njoyed Well..:-)

    this post make me to post my own post how am Njoyed pongal with my mom in my Home town…

    Guy whenever u got time spend good time with MOM..


  2. Same thing happens for me also. Many gadgets that I have gifted my parents, still lay there like that…and too get the scolding for buying them…..per “dil hai ki manta nahin”…. 🙂
    Thanks for stopping-by!!

  3. emotional post. Moms are cool, they don’t know anything except loving. After all, even a queen will think like a mom with her children!! 🙂

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