Microsoft Expression Blend

Today I just got thru a website and read about Microsoft Expression Blend. It seems interesting.

Of course this tool came in to use long b4 but only 2day it just caught my sight J




This tool helps developer to design UI with ease.

After seeing this I guess there will not be any more rectangular/square command button J that we usually see in classic visual basic.

Visual studio developers won’t struggle for creating UI here after and need not go for a third party tool. It has similarities to other programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Flash. So working in Expression Blend won’t be that hard for those who are familiar with adobe products.


I’ll try using this tool soon J

– Happy programing –


Visit the below link for more information


    1. Agree! Adobe products are very good for this. btw, I loved Macromedia and my heart broke when adobe bought it. I even like thier tag line ‘ What the web can be’ 🙂
      I miss Macromedia 😦 😀

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