The VideoBee app – My first Windows Phone 7 project

I’m planning to develop an app for my windows phone 7 that streams video from IP cameras and renders. There is a hell lot of apps already available in Market Place that does the same. But I want to create one on my own. I will be posting the updates on my blog frequently.

Here we go !!

What do I need to develop this ? Well here is the list of things I need…

  • An IP camera                 – I don’t have one and I’m not buying one either 🙂
  • Web server                     – To store the videos from the camera on demand.
  • AppHub developer ID. – I need to pay $99 for submitting my app in market place. but let me bother about that after completing the project.

I’m going to broadcast my Webcam and use a couple of live public cameras since buying an IP camera is not a good idea :). I need a web server to store those videos and I need to develop a web service and host it on the same server that pushes notifications to my phone whenever a motion event occurs.

Webcam as an IP cam:

There are a lot of tools that broadcasts webcam video over HTTP. I’m using yawcam tool suggested by my friend. It’s really cool and does what exactly I needed. I’m able to stream it to my Phone 🙂

Now I need to FTP the images to the web server.

How can I do that ? I need a web server. I’m not sure how to get this done. I have a free MS azure pass for 7 days but not sure that works.  I need to find a best solution for this. Let me go to office and think about it 🙂

Status : Broadcasting the video is almost ready with the help of a tool. 95% of work is left.

HTC Post mango update

I got a Pop up saying there is a new update (Htc Update) for my wp7 two days back.

I eagerly updated to see what it actually has…and this is what I found… Nothing 🙂

I was expecting Internet Tethering but nothing was in it.

Now I wonder what the heck this update is about 😀