16 hours of power cut,
Polluted air,
Violated rules and
Necessity is now a luxury.
Still I love my country and feel homesick.

I miss my mom, bro, friends, thinnai veedu, dosa, chutney and sambar.

I’m home sick

I’m home sick.

This is not the one which we miss our family and home.  This is something that I feel like I need an own house to live.

Home Sweet Home

I’m thinking of owning a house which has 3 bedrooms where my brother, mom and I can live comfortably.

I have seen many people talking, enquiring about home loans and regularly read Hinduproperty plus news paper to be up to date. I just think what the heck it is 🙂

But now I have started reading the property plus which I have never read before. I’m kayoed on seeing the price of 2,3 BHK flats as I have to pay at least 30 K per month as due for a decent home which is not possible with my current income 😦

And now I remember that once I asked my friend “Do we need to be debt and have the burden of  paying dues throughout our life just to own a house?” and his response was “This is what everybody does if they need to buy a house”

Should I do the same?

I’m not sure that when ill be capable of owning a home… but my mind started thinking of it.

I need an own house and now I’m home sick.