Happy Leap Year 2016

Hello 2016! Yes, it’s a bit late to say that. How about Happy Leap day ? 🙂 I haven’t blogged for a while and the new year post is long due. I made sure to write today.

Year 2015 was great, I created an iPhone app ‘Finish‘ with my wife, visited India, celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. There was even an extra second added in June 2015 ;). It was a good year (except the flood in few parts of southern India).
Now Goodbye to 2015 and welcome 2016! So, what is going to be my resolution? Here it is, This year, 

  • I want to be responsible and wise
  • Be an inspiration. 
  • I want to do my part to save the earth from getting warm. (Use energy wisely and make sure to turn off the computers, monitors at work)
  • Sleep on time and wake up early (Excuse me today 🙂 )
  • Talk to my Mom, Brother and my friends and family often
  • Blog frequently
  • Save money
  • Travel and explore
  • Read and Learn more
  • Create something I like
  • Be good and enjoy every day

Most importantly, I will complete 10 years of my career in mid 2016. I wanted to do something big in technology but i don’t think I took any step. I want to make sure to pursue my dreams!

That was a huge list right ? 

So what I did with the extra 24 hours that I got today ?  I made a Brownie cake for my wife.

This video doesn’t exist
It tasted bad, but Brownie looks brown, hence proved! 

Happy New Year and Leap Day! Cheers!

PS: Later, I cleaned the mess that I made in kitchen.