Graph Theory

Vertex, Nodes and my MS degree

Graph theory is the only subject that holds me from completing my MS degree. Yesterday, I wrote this exam for the third time and I don’t think there is any chance to pass.

I have a very low internal (19/50), so I need 62 marks in external to clear this exam. In all my life time, I have not scored 60% in mathematics.

If I do not know an answer, I would create a new concept on my own 🙂 but that does not work with Graph theory.



The questions were not that complicated, but I was very disturbed with one particular question.

Three boys and four girls:

Though I knew all possible sets of guys who can marry one of their cousins, I was very much worried and had a deep concern about the girl who is single.  I tried hard, but at least one girl has to be left alone in the end. 😦

Marriage of the fourth girl is out of the scope in this question, still my mind started to think about the possibilities…

  • One of the guys have to marry one more cousin, but that is against moral.
  • I’m single, so I can marry the fourth girl, but I’m not her cousin.

The university should have come up with equal sets of boys and girls, so that every one would get married and the answer would have a Happy Ending. 🙂

The university is merciless to the fourth girl. At least will they show some kindness on my paper evaluation?

Unprepared for Exam

Tomorrow is my DIP exam and  I did not prepare for it.

I dint feel like studying..I may sound like I’m irresponsible , lazy or I’m down. But I have a gut feel that I can get through the exam.

I may be wrong…

but I don’t want to prepare and then just write the answers that I know. I want to face the questions and discover the answers on my own right on the examination hall 🙂

and I may be wrong…