Rice cooking – second attempt

I have started to learn cooking not because of interest, its due to necessity. My first attempt in cooking rice was a big flop. I always get this quick answer from everyone whenever I asked for help.

It’s easy da…Oru tumbler rice ku rendu tumbler thani. (Two cup of water for one cup of rice).

Attempt One:

I just followed the same and turned the temperature to Mid-Low. I waited for 15 minutes, but the cooker did not blew whistle. I phoned my friend and he said, ‘Just wait bala’. I waited for and hour, still the whistle was not blown.

Then I found that the steam went out through a vent in front of the Whistle.

I switched off the stove and decided to open the lid. But my friend advised me to be careful while opening.

What?? Is cooking that dangerous. ?

I wore the helmet, stood few feet away and tilted the handle with the help of a Dosa karandi. It reminded me of bursting atom bomb for the first time during the Diwali festival.

I was shocked to see, it turned brown. when I dig a little, it was black. OMG!

See what I have done 😦

It took me one more hour to wash.

I felt bad that I have spoiled the rice. So I have ordered buffalo chicken pizza for dinner.

Second attempt.

I had a team meeting next day in office with elder guys and decided to try a different method (cooking with out the cooker lid). You know what…It worked 😀

I just used a plate to cover the cooker and it took one hour again to get it done. But it came well this time.

I unpacked the Pulliyotharai mix that was kept intact for long and mixed it with the rice.

It was awesome!

Today I’m going to try Rice with parupu podi.

Wish me good luck!

Cooked my first food

Yesterday I cooked my first food – Noodles for my breakfast.

My friend ganesh assisted me. Poured lot of water 🙂 and It was ok but a bit watery 🙂

Lessons learnt : It takes more than two minutes to cook Maggi noodles irrespective of whatever they mention in the cover 🙂