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32nd Birthday

I have completed my 32nd birthday on June 10. I wasn’t much excited about it this year. The number 32 was really depressing It made me think that I’m getting old and I have to keep running for something. I was very quite through out the day.  Moreover my friend showed me a Facebook notification…

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Happy 31’st Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and I completed 31 years. Here’s how I spent my birthday… I usually do not like to cut cakes so informed my friends not to bring cakes at night :). It feels so boring to me for some reason. However my colleagues bought a cake to office to celebrate and remind…

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I turned 28 today

I was working after coming from office and busy talking on phone with my Onsite BA. I noticed the time in my laptop while switching between the application windows… Its 12 am… Its June 10… My Birthday… What am I doing.. ? Oh Yeah !! What I’m supposed to do… Nothing really…Im just sitting alone…

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