Tamil Alphabets – My first iBook

I have created my first iBook named Tamil Alphabets. This book is about Uyir Ezhuthukal and Ayutha Ezhuthu of Tamil.

iBooks got me fascinated by its multimedia integration in to books. So I decided to create an interactive book about Tamil Alphabets. I have spent almost a month to complete this book and finally published it today. It just took 4 1/2 hours for Apple to review my book and now it is available on iTunes.


  • Video is integrated in all pages that teaches you how to write the letter.
  • A writing pad is available to practice what you have learnt.

Here is how my book looks…

Cover page
Left to right. 1. Page with images and widgets. 2. Writing pad. 3. Video. 4. Another sample page.

Book Walkthrough: The video won’t be much clear as it was taken on my phone camera.

The book is available here for free. I hope somewhere someone will download this book 🙂

This book is dedicated to all who love their native language.
PS: I thank Indira maa and Vandhana for helping me with their beautiful sketches and pictures.


101. This is not an emergency number. This is the 101th post of my blog. I wanted to write about my blog experience on my 100th post but my travel experience took that place 🙂 so I’m writing it in my 101th post.

Reaching 100 is not as big or special as Sachin’s centuries of centuries. I have seen many bloggers reaching that number very soon after starting their blog. Still this 100 is special to me.

I have not continued doing anything this long. I never did anything consistent in all my life. It really surprises me that I have blogged for nearly 4 years. So this 100 is not ordinary to me.

Let me share few facts about my blog and me.

Why I blog?

I always wanted to own a website during my college days. That too, I wanted to create a web site on my own. So I created my first website in 2006 in the name of enterbaluzworld.netfirms.com (its dead now). Though I did not like the hosting service name ‘netfirms’ after my website address, I had no choice at that time :))

This crap web site was live until the free hosting service expired. I modified it a couple of times and then at some point I understood that I’m not a good web developer/designer. So I stopped wasting time on it. Still I wanted to be a part of the web space. I learned about WordPress somehow and started this blog in the name of balamuthu.wordpress.com in 2008. I recently bought the domain name balamuthu.com when I took blogging seriously.

What I blog?

I used my blog more like a Facebook in the beginning. I used to post or share what ever I find interesting on the web. Then I started to treat it as my diary and posted more about the happenings and thoughts of mine. When I read back my own blog, I felt very good.

I do not write or explain things very well and one can find hell lot of grammatical mistakes on my blog :D, still I don’t mind those and I just write what ever I feel. It’s my damn website 😀

What I read?

I like to read other people’s ramblings. I peek in to other blogs and enjoy reading theirs :). Recently I have found many interesting blogs like Kam’s Column, VandySnape, AmaltaasPurpleBooky, Rhymes with ViennaMy Cup of Tea and lot more…

I show interest to blogs about life, technology, poems and so on.

What I have learnt?

Earlier, It was hard for me to write more than few lines. But now I write so many paragraphs even if there is no matter at all.This post is an example :). I hate lengthy posts and I’m worried that mine is becoming one of those 😦

In the beginning, I don’t mention the source of images/information that I have used in my blog. Now I try to create a picture on my own or mention if I use others.

Regarding comments, I used to comment on other blogs just to make them visit my blog and get some hits :). then, I have become little honest and I started to comment genuinely expecting nothing in return. 🙂

What I expect?

I expect my blog to be a super hit and want the whole world visit my website until the server becomes down :D.I also like to make a lot of good friends.

So that is all about my blog. There is nothing more to tell.

Happy Blogging!!

Awesome Blog Content Award

I have been given the Awesome Blog Content Award (ABC Award) by PurpleBooky. This is my first award and it was a nice surprise to me. Thank you PurpleBooky 🙂

In response to the award, the blogger has to run through the alphabets that describes them in a word or a sentence and then nominate it to few other blogs.

Here is the list of ABC’s about me:

A- I’m an Ambitious, well organized person…(Taken the first line from my resume :)).

B – Balamuthu is my name, Blogging is my hobby.

C – I’m Careless and responsible.

D – I Dream a lot (not only in the night).

E – I Eat less and drink more (Non alcohol).

F – I’m a Funny and a serious person.

G – I Google for everything.

H – I want to be a Hero in my profession.

I – Ireland is my favorite place.

J – I don’t Judge people.

K – I always want Kick in my Life (By kick, I mean to have an interesting and an adventurous life, not the real kick :)).

L – I believe that Love keeps the world alive.

M – misterB is my another name 🙂

N – I’m afraid to sleep alone at Night (Not often :)).

O – Oceans makes me feel like the world has no end.

P – PurpleBooky is one of my favorite Blog.

Q – I’m Quite most of the time.

R – I’m slowly becoming a Reader.

S – Shrek I is my favorite movie.

T – I’m a Tube-light. Yes, My mom says that often, I understand things verrrry slowwww.

U – Unthan desathin Kural (Yeh jo des hai tera, Swades) is my favorite song.

V – VolksWagen Beetle is my favorite car.

W – I’m bad in Writing, but good in thinking 😉

X – I like to celebrate X-Mas in a snowy place though I’m not a Christian.

Y – You, I like You, I like the person who read this :).

Z – ZZzzzz. I love sleeping. Are you feeling sleepy too 😀

I hope the alphabets are in order 🙂

Now it’s time to nominate this ABC awards to other bloggers. I’m not sure that any of these blogs has already tagged by this award. Anyway, Here is the list of my favorite blogs which are more interesting and inspiring.

Kam’s Column – Mr. Kam’s blog reminds me of good old college days.

Platform 9 – 3/4 – This is my favorite blog as the blogger posts more about chennai 🙂

My Cup of Tea – This is another interesting blog that does not stick with one particular genre.

Steve Jobs steps down

I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day has come.

The great innovator Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of Apple. He is one of my inspirations in life for innovation. It’s a sad news that he has stepped down. Apple still can continue without him and reach new heights, but will there be any innovation and great design?

My first Apple product that I own was a 3rd generation iPod Nano. When I bought that, I was fantasized by the User Interface and the design especially the Thumb Wheel. It saved my thumb from hell lot of clicks 🙂

All their products aren’t affordable that I couldn’t buy anything other than the iPod 🙂 but still I keep checking their site for the news and fall in love with all new Apple products.

Currently I’m reading a book about him – Inside Steve’s brain. I am yet to complete the book and hearing his resignation news today is just sad.

I always remember Steve Jobs for the following.

  • He was dropped out of college.
  • Introducing the first home computer with a GUI
  • Resigned Apple and founded NeXT
  • Pixar Animation Studios
  • He recruited John Sculley (Pepsi Co CEO) by asking him  “Do
    you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come
    with me and change the world”
  • Creation of Mac OS, iPod, iPhone, iPad
  • His Black Turtle-neck T shirt and Blue jean.

There is lot more to say but I will end my post here as I have my Algorithm arrears exam tomorrow morning 🙂

I wish him good health.

Thank you Steve Jobs for inspiring me in life !!

Who is misterB

I’m balamuthu, born and raised in TamilNadu, India.

I am a lazy, unpredictable, absent-minded, humorous, mostly confused , enthusiastic, coder, a wannabe technology leader and well…

In short I’m a geek and a blogger!

Balu’s Love Story

I am L.Balamuthu B.tech (put a bar over the B.tech)


This is my love story.


I was loving a girl for past 3 years.

She is very familiar but quite hard to understand.

Every guys just obey what she says


Let us get into the story now….


When I was doing my under graduation,

I had to experience this lovable incident with a girl. [I don’t want to mention her name right now]


Every guys and girls in my college knows her.

And goes behind her.


“But I did not show any interest on her.”


She use to come and often disturbs and irritates me.

She follows me every time.


I tried to get away from her.

But she does not run off me.


She confused me a lot…

I got flunk in my examinations in the very first semester.

I’m damn sure that she was the cause.

But I could not do anything in her case.


Even I complained my staff that she is frustrating me..

But nothing worked.



And… at one stage..

 “I fell in love with her. “


I started to follow her every time.

I use to send letters once in 6 months.

And she replies me that “im here with you.”


She never leaves me. And so do i.

I thought that ill be holding her even after my graduation.


But my entire dream came to an end.



Two days before she refused to love me.


I was shocked.


She gave me a wedding card and told me


 “This is not a real love. it is just an affection and

I can’t continue this relationship any more.”




—- I’m so sad—

But I accepted it.

Bcoz we have to accept both failure and success.


And  now I would like to specify her name…



That girl’s name is MATHEMATICS III

And we use call her as  “MA231.”


Two days before my love result is published in anna university website.

And I’ve been told that no relation exists between us.

And I am not allowed to write any letters (exams) hereafter.


The card she gave me is not her wedding card. Its my degree certificate.



This is my story..I thank u for spending your valuable time with me.



———— ——— ——-Happy  Endings—– ——— ——— ——— —


L.Balamuthu B.tech (no bars over B.Tech)