Angels on the walking lane

Again, I woke up late today. I left home at 9.30 and I had to walk to office since I left my BumbleBee in office on Friday evening.

Though there is no call (a stupid status call) today, I walked in hurry and tension. I went ahead of the Disney Land  and then crossed the yellow VW Beetle – I don’t know why this Yellow Volkswagen Beetle always makes me smile and happy whenever I see it 🙂

In few meters I saw a line of angels crossing the road and coming towards my lane. The empty walking lane is now occupied by Angels. I went nearby them and a gorgeous little girl said Hello and gave a lovely smile. They are elementary school students going somewhere from their school accompanied by two teachers.

One of the teachers told me that I should probably go front as it takes some time for all of them to go.

I said ok and walked forward, but the line started to move again and now I’m in middle of those tiny tots.

I was wearing a backpack and looked like one of those school students. I felt like a grown up kid in the midst of the little angels. Some kids smiled and few felt shy but all were happy walking.

I did not want to split the line so I stood in acorner to let the line move on.

All the kids waved bye and we exchanged smiles. My tension vanished away on their smiles. Then I started to walk slowly enjoying the weather, admiring at the trees, sparrows and the old buildings of the historic Glendale village.

Life is Beautiful!

PS: People ignore the beauty of life in their fast, urgent and busy life. I realized that life is not about achieving success, survival or making money. Life is just about living!

Look around,

Breathe in love and

Live the life!