Awesome Blog Content Award

I have been given the Awesome Blog Content Award (ABC Award) by PurpleBooky. This is my first award and it was a nice surprise to me. Thank you PurpleBooky 🙂

In response to the award, the blogger has to run through the alphabets that describes them in a word or a sentence and then nominate it to few other blogs.

Here is the list of ABC’s about me:

A- I’m an Ambitious, well organized person…(Taken the first line from my resume :)).

B – Balamuthu is my name, Blogging is my hobby.

C – I’m Careless and responsible.

D – I Dream a lot (not only in the night).

E – I Eat less and drink more (Non alcohol).

F – I’m a Funny and a serious person.

G – I Google for everything.

H – I want to be a Hero in my profession.

I – Ireland is my favorite place.

J – I don’t Judge people.

K – I always want Kick in my Life (By kick, I mean to have an interesting and an adventurous life, not the real kick :)).

L – I believe that Love keeps the world alive.

M – misterB is my another name 🙂

N – I’m afraid to sleep alone at Night (Not often :)).

O – Oceans makes me feel like the world has no end.

P – PurpleBooky is one of my favorite Blog.

Q – I’m Quite most of the time.

R – I’m slowly becoming a Reader.

S – Shrek I is my favorite movie.

T – I’m a Tube-light. Yes, My mom says that often, I understand things verrrry slowwww.

U – Unthan desathin Kural (Yeh jo des hai tera, Swades) is my favorite song.

V – VolksWagen Beetle is my favorite car.

W – I’m bad in Writing, but good in thinking 😉

X – I like to celebrate X-Mas in a snowy place though I’m not a Christian.

Y – You, I like You, I like the person who read this :).

Z – ZZzzzz. I love sleeping. Are you feeling sleepy too 😀

I hope the alphabets are in order 🙂

Now it’s time to nominate this ABC awards to other bloggers. I’m not sure that any of these blogs has already tagged by this award. Anyway, Here is the list of my favorite blogs which are more interesting and inspiring.

Kam’s Column – Mr. Kam’s blog reminds me of good old college days.

Platform 9 – 3/4 – This is my favorite blog as the blogger posts more about chennai 🙂

My Cup of Tea – This is another interesting blog that does not stick with one particular genre.