The day started with Cafe Coffee Day

My day started with the Cafe CoffeeDay,
It was a busy morning and I was in a rush to reach office. I felt like drinking something and bought Chocolate Mocha from Coffee Day and walked towards the door. I heard a voice “Hello”when I swiped my access card and I found a guy advising me “Please try to follow some rules.. You guys … Blah Blah Blah..” by pointing towards a board.
I did not have any clue on what he was talking about and then I understood that he is an Admin and he was warning me not take food inside the premises. I felt ODD by the way he talked so I ignored him and went inside.
He suddenly barged inside asking for my employee ID. He murdered “You guys always do this..blah blah blah…” while noting down the ID and then went away.
After a while I got a mail escalated towards me with CC’ed to my Managers and some Unknown associates. It is a warning mail !!
My day started with this incident and I felt like “What the Heck”.
I was little upset , I looked down the empty Coffee cup lying on my desk and It brought smile to my face when I read the Cafe Coffee day’s caption. It said…
Yes!! Cafe Coffee Day is right…A lot can happen over a coffee 🙂