A day off from work

It is a wednesday, mid of the week and a long way for a week end. I got up at 4 am and worked on a stupid newsletter design and again fell asleep at 6.20 am 🙂

It is my colleague who wake me up over the phone at 10.30 and reminded me about office. I walked out to balcony after my shower and it looked very sunny outside.

I went back to the room, texted my PL that I’m taking off and locked myself form the outside world 🙂

There is absolutely no reason for my day off, so I made it useful by booking tickets for the movie John Carter.

Huh my friend partha is bugging me to stop blogging and to get ready for the movie. The show is at 4 pm and I got to go now 🙂

Hope we will enjoy the movie.