Happenings of my life in 2011?

Year 2011 is almost over. It’s been a fairly good year. A lot had happened during this year. Up and downs, confronted a couple of rejections, travelled to new places befriended colleagues, shifted my living place and a lot more.

Here is short list of happenings of my life in 2011

Career: Job was smooth but wasn’t much interesting.

Saddened moments: I felt so bad when I got rejected in Visa interview but now it appears like ‘I did not miss anything big’ 🙂

Weight gained: 1 KG.

Books read: Rules of life, Inside Steve’s brain and now reading The Fountainhead.

Purchased: Windows phone 7

Enjoyed: lot of 3D animation movies.

Lessons Learnt: Never ever lose hope.

Having learnt that, I’m looking forward to the New Year with lot of hope.