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@ Imax, Hyderabad

Watched Tron Legacy in IMAX theater… That was my first experiance watching a movie in such a big screen.. I throughly enjoyed this movie. Hoping to watch another 3D movie in IMAX before leaving Hyderabad.

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My home is ready

The house is almost ready and we are having our house warming ceremony on Feb 7. I went home last week and saw the house. It had come well. The flooring is not done yet. Our old house has four rooms which are consecutive. You can see the last room’s exit door just by standing…

New home

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Back to work !!

After 5 days of sick leave,im going to office tommorow. Exams got over today. Dint do well, Its sure that ill flunk in atleast 3 subjects 😦 ill try to clear it in next sem. Got to go office tommorow 🙂 !!

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Back to work

After being jobless for 12 days,im back to work 😦 Just joined a new company on Feb 3.its too far from my home.have to travell 50 kms up and down. And i donot know how the job is going to be here. let me wait and see whats happening to me 🙂

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Got it !!

For the past two days i was waitng for a call.. sadly i dint get any calls 😦 instead got an email stating that “Come and collect your OFFER Letter” 🙂 this is it..i got it finally.i will be joining TCS in a month.hoping to have great future..and wishing to do something BIG in my…


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SomeOne is “Watching” me

i bought a watch two years ago and it was working fine till last thursday.the battery got drained,but still i wore it in hand. i hardly remembered people asking time.but exactly that particular day a lady asked me time and i had to show my funny face saying “my watch is not working” 🙂 why…

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