Two years over.

I have completed two years in my current company(Tcs). This is my third company.Hope my career be interesting and fruit full.

Nothing much to say. Just a quick post.


Badly hit.

Yesterday was a hard day for me.

I was coming back to chennai from my home town by bus. I got down at madurai for refreshement. After few minutes while returning to the bus, a mental fellow blocked the way and welcomed everybody with some signs. I ignored him and went ahead in a hurry.

It was dark. I tried going through the back side of the bus and when I turned…I felt a sudden attack on my face. I was hit…badly hit by an Iron plate. I was stunned and lost my breathe for few seconds. I looked up by holding the hand kerchief on my face and realized that I was hit on the bus dickey which was open.

Terribly shocked at that moment. I felt a deep pain near the eye and nose. I went ahead in confusion on what happened to me and got in to the bus. With lights ON inside the bus, I could see lot of blood on my kerchief with a bunch of eye lid hair stuck on it.

I used my mobile as mirror and saw two scars on my face. I applied water on that area. I had to travel almost 7 hours and I was not sure how to make it till morning. I even thought of going home back from madurai. but I came to normal after a while. 

It was a damn bad day.

Through the bus window, I could see the half moon accompanied by a couple of stars. But I couldn’t enjoy the scene due to the pain and suffering.

It was not a good day after all. But it’s good that I dint hit on my eye. From that perspective I’m lucky. I took rest today and got to go office tomorrow 🙂


Happenings of my life in 2011?

Year 2011 is almost over. It’s been a fairly good year. A lot had happened during this year. Up and downs, confronted a couple of rejections, travelled to new places befriended colleagues, shifted my living place and a lot more.

Here is short list of happenings of my life in 2011

Career: Job was smooth but wasn’t much interesting.

Saddened moments: I felt so bad when I got rejected in Visa interview but now it appears like ‘I did not miss anything big’ 🙂

Weight gained: 1 KG.

Books read: Rules of life, Inside Steve’s brain and now reading The Fountainhead.

Purchased: Windows phone 7

Enjoyed: lot of 3D animation movies.

Lessons Learnt: Never ever lose hope.

Having learnt that, I’m looking forward to the New Year with lot of hope.

The VideoBee app – My first Windows Phone 7 project

I’m planning to develop an app for my windows phone 7 that streams video from IP cameras and renders. There is a hell lot of apps already available in Market Place that does the same. But I want to create one on my own. I will be posting the updates on my blog frequently.

Here we go !!

What do I need to develop this ? Well here is the list of things I need…

  • An IP camera                 – I don’t have one and I’m not buying one either 🙂
  • Web server                     – To store the videos from the camera on demand.
  • AppHub developer ID. – I need to pay $99 for submitting my app in market place. but let me bother about that after completing the project.

I’m going to broadcast my Webcam and use a couple of live public cameras since buying an IP camera is not a good idea :). I need a web server to store those videos and I need to develop a web service and host it on the same server that pushes notifications to my phone whenever a motion event occurs.

Webcam as an IP cam:

There are a lot of tools that broadcasts webcam video over HTTP. I’m using yawcam tool suggested by my friend. It’s really cool and does what exactly I needed. I’m able to stream it to my Phone 🙂

Now I need to FTP the images to the web server.

How can I do that ? I need a web server. I’m not sure how to get this done. I have a free MS azure pass for 7 days but not sure that works.  I need to find a best solution for this. Let me go to office and think about it 🙂

Status : Broadcasting the video is almost ready with the help of a tool. 95% of work is left.

A Trip to TADA falls

It’s 3.50 am, Saturday morning. I got up 10 minutes before the alarm sounds.

I had enough time to get ready. So I thought of downloading some GPS turn by turn apps from windows market place to my phone which might be helpful during the travel.

I got ready at 6 am to start my journey with my friends Amarnath and Rajiv who will be waiting for me at Guindy. We reached TADA falls check post by 10.30 am and it took 30 more minutes to reach the parking area.

The monkeys and the steel bridge were welcoming us and we are now ready for the trekking which we have been longing for 🙂

We walked on a muddy, bumpy path which did not seem much hard and then had to cross two small streams towards mountains. The water is crystal clear. We also found broken glasses and plastics thrown everywhere by drunkards.

Here comes the actual trekking. Rocks standing tall in front of us 🙂

A few clicks on the way…

We reached an interesting place where we played for a while. There is small water fall at the end of this pond. The water gets deeper when you move on. You can not reach there if you are not good at swimming.

We then moved on from here to see the actual water falls. It was a very tough trekking.

At last we reached this water falls. It’s not a big one, but worth coming here.

It’s 4.30 pm and raining. So we started getting down since it wouldn’t be safe when its gets darker.

I had to climb down from this rock. Risky , Mission Impossible 🙂

Took a snap on the way down (Mango , Fish pool) which is very near to the parking area.

Way back home.

Walking on the bumpy road , Climbing the slippery rocks , Swimming in the purest water…It was a good trip indeed !!

R.I.P Steve Jobs

Today morning I got a call from my friend saying ‘Steve Jobs died’. I immediately got up from my bed and switched on my PC to check the news and this is what I saw in

It’s really sad news for me and for those who were inspired and touched by his Innovation and Creativity.

My hearty condolences to his family,friends and the employees of Apple.

I would like to post the speech he gave in 2005 at Stanford University.

“Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything—all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure—these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma—which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.”

Miss You Steve Jobs.

Messed Up my Visa Interview

I screwed up and got rejected in My Visa Interview yesterday. Just messed up with my career oppurtunity…I donot know whether I will get another chance in future…

I’m Feeling down but Looking UP !!

Who is misterB

I’m balamuthu, born and raised in TamilNadu, India.

I am a lazy, unpredictable, absent-minded, humorous, mostly confused , enthusiastic, coder, a wannabe technology leader and well…

In short I’m a geek and a blogger!

India won the cup

Yesterday was a great day. India Won the world cup. It’s a dream come true moment after 28 years. I saw the match with my roommates in Hyderabad. I enjoyed the match and it was a thrill win against Srilanka.. Chasing 274 is quite impossible in the finals but Indian batsmen made it. Gambir , Dhoni and Virat Kohli were the heroes yesterday 🙂

Sachin and Yuvraj played well on all games and without them it would be very hard to reach Finals. Sachin did a great job through out the series. His wonderful innings during quarter and semi finals was a great help to Indian team. It was bloody awesome to see Sachin Tendulkar carried by other players on their shoulders. Sachin felt happy and tears were pouring out of one and all.

“He’s carried the burden of our nation for 21 years. It was time to carry him on our shoulders today.” – Virat Kohli commented on Sachin Tendulkar.

Love you Indian team… Love you Sachin !!

Great match and a great Victory.

Kuchipudi dance at Shilparamam, Hyderabad

Shilparamam is located at madhapur, It is a very good place where you can find arts and cultural events.

I enjoyed the kuchipudi dance and these are the few pictures taken during the show.

I do not know the name of the performer.The dance and song was nice. I do not know Telugu, But still enjoyed the show.


This was performed by young diploma students(Not sure about the Institute name). They both performed very well. Especially the taller girl danced with great enthu and the other younger one showed very beautiful expressions.

Thier dance left me spellbound 🙂