The wedding invitation show off

Wedding card invitation represents ones culture and religion. I have seen many invitations which are really creative and has cool designs. At the same time I have also noticed one particular thing which is commonly used in most of the marriage invitations. It’s the education and designation mentioned next to the bride / groom and relative’s names. I wonder if it is really necessary to have those on a wedding card.

something like this…

Mr. Abc, MS, XYZ Company, Engineer, London.

Are Degree, Company, Designation and Location really required ? It sounds more like a bio data than an invitation.

I was quite sure that these status symbols should not be listed any where in my wedding card. Let me see what my family decides on my opinion. 🙂

Home sweet home

I started my journey to home on July 11, afternoon at Cincinnati airport. I felt the flight like a bullock-cart that can fly.

Chicago to Frankfurt:
I reached Chicago in an hour and waited there for 3+ hours to catch my next flight to Frankfurt. Chicago airport was nice, it seem to be a happening place unlike Cincinnati. I spent time in roaming and and checking office Mails. It was time to board and I was so eager to travel and at the same time i was quite curious to see who sits next to me ;). My expectations went down when i saw an old man and his wife :). I booked an aisle seat so that it would be easy for me to go to the bathroom frequently. Before me settling down, the old lady asked me if I can switch the seats, I was not sure why she asked but I just said ok and then realized that the kid sitting behind was kicking the seat now and then. The another old guy who sat next to me was nice and we discussed a lot about Foods and technology. Old people sound more interesting to me when they share their experience.

Frankfurt to Chennai:
I landed in Frankfurt in the morning. The layover time is 4 hours and I used free wifi that lasts only for 30 mins. I used my criminal mind and tried using three different devices (phone and ipad) with different emails and used internet for around 1 1/2 hours :). I bought a key chain, paid in dollars and got the change in Euros. I roamed around noticing people talking English in German accent. I was happy to see lot of Indians at the boarding gate. Frankfurt looked like chennai airport :). This time I was not much curious on who sits near me. In a while I saw a girl approaching my seat asked me to get up so she can go inside. I started to laugh when the crew spoke in Tamil…Seemangale Seematigale…the girl gave me a weird look. she looked like a Tamilian but doesn’t know a single word in Tamil. I somehow felt the old guy’s company was much better than this girl. It’s a nine hour journey and I spent time in reading books, watching movies, eating and sleeping. I was so excited to see the lights and buildings in chennai and prayed that the flight should land properly.
People barged inside the security checks and did not wait in queue at all…oh yes, I reached India :). The girl and I waved bye and it was 1.15 am when I got out of the airport.

Chennai to Kilavikulam:
I did not book a domestic flight to my place as I have to wait for 8 hours in chennai to catch a flight to Madurai and I dont want to disturb my friends or relatives at night so I informed my cousin to book a travels for me few days back. when he said the driver will have a board saying ‘Balu, America’, I wanted him to display ‘Balu, Kilavikulam’ instead :). It’s a innova car and the driver seem to be a nice person but I was bit tensed by his careless driving. After several hours I was so shocked to see the driver sleeping while driving. I was pissed off and asked the driver to stop and have tea. I asked him to sleep for while but he said he is fine.
I thought of booking another car in Trichy or Madurai. I kept talking to him and he was seriously tired to drive and lost his sense many times. I made sure he stops and refreshes now and then. I was cursing my cousin and took care for this stupid driver like a kid. He was totally fine when he took an hour break in Madurai for breakfast. I did not want to eat anything until I reach home. I finally arrived home at 11.30 am July 13. Mom and Periyama asked me why it’s so late before welcoming me 🙂
I gave a lot of extra tip to the driver for safely dropping me and asked him to take rest and then return. He said he’s fine and will take rest whenever required. Huh! It was so easy to come from US to India but reaching my hometown from Chennai is really exhausting.

Home sweet home:
All those tensions flew away when I stepped in to my house. My home is like a Bothi Maram to me. I slept off during the day and was awake all night :).
The very next day I went to my relatives home in rajapalayam and gave the gifts that I bought for them.
I made sure I don’t sound like most of the Indians who return from America who always carry mineral water, talks about hygiene and complains about the traffic and climate 🙂

It’s my second day at home and already enjoying moms food especially Dosa, Chutney and Sambar. My mom, Periyama and I gossiped a lot in two days :).


PS: I got up at 3 am today and started to blog in phone. Let me get out to Thinnai and get some fresh air and signal to post this on cellular data 🙂

PS1: Ready to have Fresh milk 🙂


King Charlie

My friend Bindu wanted to adopt a dog. He decided to buy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from a breeder 25 miles away from his home. A couple of fat white kittens and loud barking of dogs heard from backyard welcomed us. The breeder showed two sibling puppies to my friend. I was staring at little turtles swimming inside the aquarium and did not show any interest on dogs, I just love them when they are far from me ;). We came home with a puppy and named it as Charlie but I call it as King Charlie.

It’s so playful. Our weekend was busy and nice with Charlie but on weekdays at office, it was so hard for my friend to leave the little Charlie at home. We visited home during lunch to spend some time. Bindu was so occupied and couldn’t concentrate on work so he decided to return it back to the breeder.

Yeah, that was sad but he had no choice. We returned and it’s good that Charlie’s brother was still at the breeder’s house. King Charlie showed a sad face 😦

King Charlie

A guy drove for long and bought a cute puppy

He named it as Charlie and treated so lovely

Took money from his pouch and bought toys, crate and couch.

With the little pup’s play, his blues flew away

The sun went down and they slept on their own

The dog came closer when the night became darker

When it heard a loud thunder, it curled on his shoulder.

He went to office so had to leave the dog unnoticed

He felt hard at work and missed him so much

He couldn’t take care, so return it back to the breeder.

I have created a video of Charlie with my friend Bindu.

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 4,900 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 8 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.


It was showering white flakes all over the place. In my previous post, I wrote that I haven’t witnessed snowfall yet, but it happened the very next day. I have seen this only on movies where kids play with the snow during christmas.

Hmm, When it snows and you feel awesome, it is called snowesome 🙂

I have heard that it’s just a mild one and I can expect a heavy snow next month 🙂

Rice cooking – second attempt

I have started to learn cooking not because of interest, its due to necessity. My first attempt in cooking rice was a big flop. I always get this quick answer from everyone whenever I asked for help.

It’s easy da…Oru tumbler rice ku rendu tumbler thani. (Two cup of water for one cup of rice).

Attempt One:

I just followed the same and turned the temperature to Mid-Low. I waited for 15 minutes, but the cooker did not blew whistle. I phoned my friend and he said, ‘Just wait bala’. I waited for and hour, still the whistle was not blown.

Then I found that the steam went out through a vent in front of the Whistle.

I switched off the stove and decided to open the lid. But my friend advised me to be careful while opening.

What?? Is cooking that dangerous. ?

I wore the helmet, stood few feet away and tilted the handle with the help of a Dosa karandi. It reminded me of bursting atom bomb for the first time during the Diwali festival.

I was shocked to see, it turned brown. when I dig a little, it was black. OMG!

See what I have done 😦

It took me one more hour to wash.

I felt bad that I have spoiled the rice. So I have ordered buffalo chicken pizza for dinner.

Second attempt.

I had a team meeting next day in office with elder guys and decided to try a different method (cooking with out the cooker lid). You know what…It worked 😀

I just used a plate to cover the cooker and it took one hour again to get it done. But it came well this time.

I unpacked the Pulliyotharai mix that was kept intact for long and mixed it with the rice.

It was awesome!

Today I’m going to try Rice with parupu podi.

Wish me good luck!

Installing Windows 8

The Windows 8 Consumer preview was released on February 29. I started downloading the ISO the same day It was released and it took me 2 1/2 days to complete the download with my 256 kbps connection 🙂

I used VMware Fusion to install the Windows 8 CP on my OS X Lion. It tool the below simple steps to complete the installation in 20 minutes.

It starts with the usual installation procedure by asking the Language,keyboard input method followed by this screen. Look at the new Metro style Windows Logo. It’s simple and clean 🙂

It will ask for the product key once you click the Install now button. I forgot to copy the product key while downloading and then got it back from the same windows 8 CP download page. I chose Custom installation and then came up the familiar widows installation screen 🙂

After installation, It asks for personalizing the computer. It gives you a choice for choosing the color. None of it was good so I chose the default one.

Once personalization is over, it showed up the Settings screen to keep your computer up to date and then the account page that asks for the windows live ID and login credentials. Once all these are completed, The windows shows up my favourite Metro Style Start screen 🙂

I had to install the VMware tools for drivers and then installed a couple of updates that prompted as important. Finally I’m all set to play with the Windows 8 🙂

I will post again about my experiance with this beta OS.

Hope to go pro someday!!

Dusting off my dreams,
Holding tight the fading ambitions,
Bringing up the spirits and
Heading towards the destiny that’s not far away…
I hope to go Pro someday!!

– misterB, a wanna be s/w architect