3D Blu-ray collection

I’m a fanatic of 3D movies and I have been collecting 3D Blu-rays movies since 2012. My first 3D Blu-ray was Avatar which I bought along with a 40″ Samsung 3D TV at BestBuy in Springdale, OH. Since then I keep buying the movies that catches my attention.

I love to roam around and browse through the media aisles at BestBuy and Target when I used to live in the United States. After moving back to India 2+ year ago, I only find physical stores selling pirated movies where I live currently. Hence, my only choice is to rely on Amazon India to buy legit movies.

Lately, I have become very picky and started to ignore the regular blu-rays that come with blue plastic cases and leaning towards Steelbooks and special editions. However, they are expensive (approx. ₹2500+), so I tend to buy only a 4 or less movies in a year. It roughly comes around ₹10,000 per year which is a lot of money but this hobby is something that I would like to stick with forever.

I have about 45 Blu-rays at home out of which 26 are 3D formats as of today. I know, it is not a lot for a 8 year collection but I’m sure to build an empire of 3D blu-rays someday.

I use Xbox as a player hooked on to my 55″ 3D LG TV to watch the movies. I did not buy a dedicated Blu-ray player as Xbox servers as the gaming console as well as 3D and 4K Blu-ray player.

The challenge now-days is that the market is more for 4k blu-rays than 3D so it is hard find all the titles available in 3D formats. Also there is no 3D TVs that are being manufactured nowadays. However, 3D projects are still available for purchase which is the only hope for fans like me.

Here’s the picture of my movie collection. I would buy a separate bookshelf as my collection grows.

As I stay home

Hello everyone, Hope you are all staying safe and healthy. With Corona going viral across the world, it has put a disruption on our everyday’s life. As I stay home, I want to share my thoughts and observations.


On March 23, 2020, The government of India have mandated the lockdown. It is a month now and surprisingly, the Central and Tamil Nadu state government seem to be doing a decent job on implementing and educating the people about the situation. Kudos to them.

One thing that I think they have messed up is with the preparedness activity for the lockdown. The announcement was a bit late and a very short time was given to people. It was a chaos and a nightmare for elderly and women who had to travel to their hometowns.

Photo source: PTI

Considering our population, It could have been better if Govt announced this a week earlier instead of just giving a 2 day notice. However, things have settled and I believe people are safe home now.


While government trying to take proper measures, not many people seem to adhere to the law. On one side there are poor people trying to cope up with this tough situation and on the other side folks roam around the city irresponsibly. By watching and reading news, I felt that a lot of people lack discipline and did not understand the consequences.

Once in a while during the lockdown, the Prime Minister of India requested people for door step activities like applauding and lighting candles. It is a good intention but a few people considered that as a challenge and took it to a whole new level of entertainment 👏 🔔 🍽  and celebration 🔥 🎆. That was really crazy.

Mother Nature:

The nature seem to be healing itself during this time. How do I say that?

interstellar_blightDusts: My apartment is close to the roads and collects a lot of dusts. I feel like I’m in the places shows in the movie Interstellar. Recently, the dusts and air pollution have significantly reduced. I don’t have to clean 🧹 the balcony very often😁.

Noise pollution have decreased as well. btw, why do we people in India honk a lot while driving 🎺 ?

Buying essentials:

I managed to buy the veggies 🍅 🌽 🌶  in near by shops, however, it was hard to find groceries, also Big Basket was mostly out of slots for delivery. After the initial days, we now have vegetable vendors come to our apartment and big basket started to have more slots as well. I have not stepped out of the apartment for the last 2 weeks. Essentials are enough to live a decent life and I will try follow the minimalism even even after the lockdown.

Work from home: (WFH)

I work for a Software company and we decided to work from home starting March 19 rather than waiting for the Government’s order. We arranged laptops, setup Virtual Machines and VPN for employees to work remotely.

WFH is not new to me but I feel like I’m glued to my computer 👨‍💻 from dawn to dusk. Huh, Every software engineer’s problem!

If you are someone who do not have an option to work at home, this is the time to find an alternate income options or build skills that helps you earn through internet. This pandemic also reminds us the importance of the emergency fund.

What else ?

Trust me, Staying home is not that hard. I have been practising since child hood. I’m an introvert. 😉

I usually watch animated movies and documentaries when at home. It is no different during lockdown. Just that my kid doesn’t allow at times and prefers rhymes instead.

If you have a smart TV or a streaming device you can subscribe to Netflix, Amazon prime Hotstar, Apple TV+ etc. Please stay away from DTH TV shows and serials, they are either negative or too much of artificial celebration, meaningless jokes with annoying laughter tracks. The TV content quality is no good. Here are the shows I have watched or in my Watchlist:

Netflix: Stranger Things, Series of unfortunate events, Minimalism, Abstract: the art of design, Babies etc.

Hotstar / Disney+: Modern family, Fresh off the boat, How I met your mother, Lion king, Frozen 2, Onward, Aladdin and a lot more good animated movies.

Amazon Prime: Young Sheldon, Shark Tank, the Middle etc.

Apple TV+: The morning show, SEE. Helpsters, Snoopy, Here we are: Notes for living on planet earth are good for kids.

i4fu8u           kk,m (Ok, that was my kid, I guess he made his statement as well)

This was a long post, are you still reading ? if so what are you folks doing to make this lockdown more useful and interesting?


I had a lot of Laddus at home yesterday and created this crazy poem and video while digesting it 🙂 

Resembles like the Earth,

Pop one in mouth,

You’ll realize the life’s worth!

Btw, This turns out to be my first post in 2017. Happy new year to everyone! 


Writing! remember ? I do not mean writing emails or blogs. I mean the real writing that involves pen and paper.

It has been a very long time since I wrote, I have even forgotten how my hand writing looks like.

It did not occur to me until I saw a friend posted on Facebook that he decided to write. I wanted to write aswell and bought a note from Barnes and noble which I have not opened for days. coincidently, I got a free pencil and pen set from my office today which looks so organic.

Pencil and Note – Made for each other 🙂

Pen and Pencil set that I got from my office

Today, I started to write and really struggled with the spellings and hand writing. I would blame me on losing control over the technology and let it bring down my creativity, intelligence and my uniqueness.

Technology made us lazy with algorithms and bots. One example is the auto-correction that substitutes the spelling when we type wrong. I felt like a dumb when I’m stuck while writing on paper and end up asking Siri to spell for me.

This is me trying to take control from Technology 😀 Movie: Wall-E

I will write more frequently from now that helps me accelerate my thinking and creativity.

Happy Leap Year 2016

Hello 2016! Yes, it’s a bit late to say that. How about Happy Leap day ? 🙂 I haven’t blogged for a while and the new year post is long due. I made sure to write today.

Year 2015 was great, I created an iPhone app ‘Finish‘ with my wife, visited India, celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. There was even an extra second added in June 2015 ;). It was a good year (except the flood in few parts of southern India).
Now Goodbye to 2015 and welcome 2016! So, what is going to be my resolution? Here it is, This year, 

  • I want to be responsible and wise
  • Be an inspiration. 
  • I want to do my part to save the earth from getting warm. (Use energy wisely and make sure to turn off the computers, monitors at work)
  • Sleep on time and wake up early (Excuse me today 🙂 )
  • Talk to my Mom, Brother and my friends and family often
  • Blog frequently
  • Save money
  • Travel and explore
  • Read and Learn more
  • Create something I like
  • Be good and enjoy every day

Most importantly, I will complete 10 years of my career in mid 2016. I wanted to do something big in technology but i don’t think I took any step. I want to make sure to pursue my dreams!

That was a huge list right ? 

So what I did with the extra 24 hours that I got today ?  I made a Brownie cake for my wife.

This video doesn’t exist
It tasted bad, but Brownie looks brown, hence proved! 

Happy New Year and Leap Day! Cheers!

PS: Later, I cleaned the mess that I made in kitchen.

Live Photos

Apple’s new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus comes with several new features. One of them is Live Photos. I initially thought it is just a gimmick and not much useful. But having used it until now, I really liked it.

It adds more life to photos. Unlike static picture, it tells a little more about it. That’s awesome and gives me Harry Potter like feel to the pictures.

Here are a few Pictures (Live Photos converted to videos).

Feelings of the Apes

I went to Cincinnati Zoo yesterday and It was a nice day out. Gorilla World was exciting and I took a few pictures of Gorillas which showed a round of emotions. I have arranged the pictures to show the emotional transition from Disappointment, Sad, Puzzle, Trust, Determination and finally confidence.



Thinking Deep!
Thinking Deep!




Few more pictures other than Gorillas!thumb_DSC01191_1024
thumb_DSC01350_1024 thumb_DSC01333_1024thumb_DSC01359_1024


Small wooden box
When opened with grace
Gives you the hidden treasure!


Every evening, I have this habit of opening my mailbox expecting something interesting in it. But I end up seeing nothing or a bunch of advertisement slips 🙂

Picture credit: Google Images.