Angels on the walking lane

Again, I woke up late today. I left home at 9.30 and I had to walk to office since I left my BumbleBee in office on Friday evening.

Though there is no call (a stupid status call) today, I walked in hurry and tension. I went ahead of the Disney Land  and then crossed the yellow VW Beetle – I don’t know why this Yellow Volkswagen Beetle always makes me smile and happy whenever I see it 🙂

In few meters I saw a line of angels crossing the road and coming towards my lane. The empty walking lane is now occupied by Angels. I went nearby them and a gorgeous little girl said Hello and gave a lovely smile. They are elementary school students going somewhere from their school accompanied by two teachers.

One of the teachers told me that I should probably go front as it takes some time for all of them to go.

I said ok and walked forward, but the line started to move again and now I’m in middle of those tiny tots.

I was wearing a backpack and looked like one of those school students. I felt like a grown up kid in the midst of the little angels. Some kids smiled and few felt shy but all were happy walking.

I did not want to split the line so I stood in acorner to let the line move on.

All the kids waved bye and we exchanged smiles. My tension vanished away on their smiles. Then I started to walk slowly enjoying the weather, admiring at the trees, sparrows and the old buildings of the historic Glendale village.

Life is Beautiful!

PS: People ignore the beauty of life in their fast, urgent and busy life. I realized that life is not about achieving success, survival or making money. Life is just about living!

Look around,

Breathe in love and

Live the life!


Who am i …

Im Bill Gates when i switch on my PC,
Im Steve Jobs when i think,
Im a Kid when i dream,
Im a Saint when i sleep,
Im the world’s laziest person when i have to wake up..

SomeOne is “Watching” me

i bought a watch two years ago and it was working fine till last thursday.the battery got drained,but still i wore it in hand.
i hardly remembered people asking time.but exactly that particular day a lady asked me time and i had to show my funny face saying “my watch is not working” 🙂

why no one asked time when it was working and
why people asked me time on the exact day it was not working..?

is anyone watching clock me ? 🙂 ?

Jai Ho | Slumdog millionaire


A.R.Rahman is the first Indian who has won a Golden Globe Award.

Rahman dedicated this award to India. His music score in the film Slumdog Millionaire is fantastic especially JAI HO and O saya. I also liked Paper planes by M.I.A.

I’m expecting more from him. We are so lucky to have U in our country…Love you rahman.

I hope you all like this song and video…


Balu’s Love Story

I am L.Balamuthu (put a bar over the


This is my love story.


I was loving a girl for past 3 years.

She is very familiar but quite hard to understand.

Every guys just obey what she says


Let us get into the story now….


When I was doing my under graduation,

I had to experience this lovable incident with a girl. [I don’t want to mention her name right now]


Every guys and girls in my college knows her.

And goes behind her.


“But I did not show any interest on her.”


She use to come and often disturbs and irritates me.

She follows me every time.


I tried to get away from her.

But she does not run off me.


She confused me a lot…

I got flunk in my examinations in the very first semester.

I’m damn sure that she was the cause.

But I could not do anything in her case.


Even I complained my staff that she is frustrating me..

But nothing worked.



And… at one stage..

 “I fell in love with her. “


I started to follow her every time.

I use to send letters once in 6 months.

And she replies me that “im here with you.”


She never leaves me. And so do i.

I thought that ill be holding her even after my graduation.


But my entire dream came to an end.



Two days before she refused to love me.


I was shocked.


She gave me a wedding card and told me


 “This is not a real love. it is just an affection and

I can’t continue this relationship any more.”




—- I’m so sad—

But I accepted it.

Bcoz we have to accept both failure and success.


And  now I would like to specify her name…



That girl’s name is MATHEMATICS III

And we use call her as  “MA231.”


Two days before my love result is published in anna university website.

And I’ve been told that no relation exists between us.

And I am not allowed to write any letters (exams) hereafter.


The card she gave me is not her wedding card. Its my degree certificate.



This is my story..I thank u for spending your valuable time with me.



———— ——— ——-Happy  Endings—– ——— ——— ——— —


L.Balamuthu (no bars over B.Tech)