Can’t Wait

Why does a week feel so long ?
Why a bag full of gifts is still not enough ?
No mood to work, cook or eat
No patience to wait…

I wanna go home!


16 hours of power cut,
Polluted air,
Violated rules and
Necessity is now a luxury.
Still I love my country and feel homesick.

I miss my mom, bro, friends, thinnai veedu, dosa, chutney and sambar.


I’m a sensitive person and I can’t hide happiness, sorrow or anger inside. I’m going through a tough time at work for the past three months where my ideas are not recognized.
I’m loosing temper quite often…

  • When answers are alone expected than a solution.
  • When my hours of analysis are underestimated and overlooked by superiors with their illogical design.
  • When people stay behind me and look at my monitor while I work.(I freaked out to my workmate for standing behind me when I work. I felt bad later for not being nice)

I burst out in anger to my colleagues, leads and escalated today. I was so aggressive and wanted to rip off the whole system to show that my reverse engineering is fool proof. But I was totally dominated.

I never bothered about demotivations and never needed encouragements. I just move on with my inner spirit but now I’m frustrated and venting it through my blog.

I hope not to lose my passion with these temporary negative thoughts.


PS: I always wanted to do something big in my technology and now I doubt myself.


I’m completing 29th year today. Like every year, this one was special too.
Though I have not done anything good/great/big so far, I’m enjoying it. But the fact that I’m in to 30th year reminds me of few things. This is the stage where men becomes more responsible, save money, buy house, get married and settle in life.

I have not started doing any of those. Should I at least start it now? Come on, I’m just growing :).

I have no plans and I don’t want to settle. I hate to use brain to plan and live a calculated life. My brain does not work properly most of the time 😀 So I prefer to use my heart and live the way I love.

I hope this year will be great, fun and adventurous.


Dear Mom,

This post is for you. I thank you for being the best mom. I talk to you daily, but there are few things that I have not told you. So I’m writing it on my blog.

You never scolded me when I flunked in exams, rather you cursed the subjects for being so tough.

You tease me that I’m a tube light and treat me like a friend.

You held me tight when I’m scared in the night and

You treat me very special every single day.

You have not burdened me with responsibilities when dad passed away, but

You showed immortal love that made such losses fade away.

You have given me life, but you say I’m your life.

You’re a Super Woman and I’m proud to call you as my mother,

I wish you a Happy Mothers Day,

I love you Mom.

– Balamuthu L, son of Lalitha. 🙂

A day off from work

It is a wednesday, mid of the week and a long way for a week end. I got up at 4 am and worked on a stupid newsletter design and again fell asleep at 6.20 am 🙂

It is my colleague who wake me up over the phone at 10.30 and reminded me about office. I walked out to balcony after my shower and it looked very sunny outside.

I went back to the room, texted my PL that I’m taking off and locked myself form the outside world 🙂

There is absolutely no reason for my day off, so I made it useful by booking tickets for the movie John Carter.

Huh my friend partha is bugging me to stop blogging and to get ready for the movie. The show is at 4 pm and I got to go now 🙂

Hope we will enjoy the movie.


Places to go

I am not a traveller and I do not own a huge backpack and binoculars. I have not come out of my comfort zone but now I feel like going places that I have never been before. So I’m writing down my top 5 favorite place that I want to visit.

Here we go…

Taj Mahal, Agra

I’m an Indian living in the southern part for 29 years and have not visited Taj Mahal till now. So this is a strictly favorite place 🙂

Taj Mahal, Agra


Ireland is the one place I definitely want to visit. I came to know about Ireland’s beauty from the movie ‘Leap Year’. I fell in love with the islands of Ireland. I may not have sufficient money to go but I will surely travel there someday.

Ireland. Image courtesy -


The city of lights and love is one of my favorite place and of course, The Eiffel Tower 🙂

Eiffel Tower, Paris


Another Island in my favorite list after Ireland. Lakshadweep is bit easier to reach from south india. I hope to visit this place one day 🙂


New York

I heard about this city and it sounded more like chennai and mumbai :). I may visit this most populous and the busiest city of US.

Statue of Liberty, NewYork

These are the places I wish to go. Out of these, Ireland is my most favorite.

Hope I will earn some money to visit all these places someday 🙂


Image Source – Google

Again…Badly hit

Yesterday night,While returning home I had a self skid resulting in scratches on my left hand elbow and toe. Thank god that I was wearing helmet(I always do) other wise I would have ended up in severe injuries on my face and head. The worst part is, My friend Ram who sat behind also had injuries more than mine. I felt bad as I am responsible for the cause. Hope he will get well soon. We went to the nearest hospital and we have been told that we are clinically alright.

I called my colleague / friend Amar and he came immediately. Our agony flew away when he approached us with a SMILE and said ‘Dude, what happened’ :). It’s good to have friends who make things easy.

Last month I had some mild injuries and this one was the second incident. I have to be careful and avoid such events from happening again.

I understood one important thing from my yesterday’s fall. I was in lot of pressure for the past one month in work and I keep thinking about the next day’s work even after coming home. But after yesterday’s event, Nothing was in my mind other than my health. I’m taking leave for the next two days. My mind is totally free from pressure and I’m cool regardless of the pain 🙂

Great… That was a nice lesson…Work is not so important. It’s better to take a break when we are in pressure 🙂

Now I’m reading the book that I stopped a month ago. I’m cool and relaxed 🙂

Life is Beautiful !!

Things I would one day like to own

It’s not my birthday to tell my wishes. Still I prefer jotting it down my wish list. when I read this blog some years later, I would either feel happy or not on what I have with me.

Here is the list…

1. Volkswagen Beetle. I fell in love with this tiny little car at first sight when I saw its picture on a newspaper.  I wasn’t aware of its price in the beginning but when I came to know… I was blown away 🙂 21 lakhs… I need to find a second job to get this 🙂

2. A three-bed room house. Wood house is fine for me but in India no one prefers it 🙂

3. A Surface computer. I’m fantasized with this Microsoft Surface.

4. My own company. I’m not sure on what kind of company I would start 🙂

5. Last but not least. I would like to own a Nobel Price. I’m not kidding 🙂

These are all may  seem impractical, but some day…

Good Luck to me !!

My Computers

I feel like writing something whenever I get up early. For some unknown reason I’m thinking about my old PCs and wanted to post a blog.

My first PC was a desktop bought somewhere in 2004-2005. I had to convince my Mom and Periyama very hard to get one for me. My Mom finally said ok and got me a PC with the help of my cousins Arun and Raj. The config was pretty decent. It had a Intel Celeron processor with 40 GB hdd and a 256 MB of RAM. I installed dual OS – Windows 98 and XP.

I’m not impressed with its performance, so a couple of months later I changed almost all the internal parts. I upgraded it with an AMD processor, gigabit motherboard, 80 GB hdd, 512 MB RAM and a DVD reader. The monitor and CPU case were the same. I spent more than 10,000 rupees from my mom’s wallet 🙂

Having that PC at home, I learned a lot of multimedia software but created nothing out of it 🙂 I used it to the core and experimented in all possible means. After 4-5 years it gave me lot of trouble and it was a burden for me to carry that desktop whenever I change my room. So I sold it for 4500 INR and I did own any computer for the next 1 year.

In 2009 I bought a HP laptop for 46000 INR. This one helped me find a university for my part-time post graduation. I sold it after 2 plus years of hard-core use and now I own a MacBook PRO. I’m planning to upgrade the RAM from 4 to 8 Gig.

I have this habit of upgrading /altering my computer like some people do it for their new bikes and cars 🙂

Everything we own and use will benefit us in some ways and brings change over the period of time!