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3D Blu-ray collection

I’m a fanatic of 3D movies and I have been collecting 3D Blu-rays movies since 2012. My first 3D Blu-ray was Avatar which I bought along with a 40″ Samsung 3D TV at BestBuy in Springdale, OH. Since then I keep buying the movies that catches my attention. I love to roam around and browse…

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My first 3D movie – Shrek

I always wanted to watch a 3d movie but missed every chance. A Long wait for a 3D movie has ended today by watching my favorite movie Shrek Forever after. The movie is awesome and I just loved it. The characters are so live but not as worth as the first installment. Still it was…


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i just got to know that my cousin has directed a movie named Ethirmarai.i googled and saw a few videos of the team talk.the WOW factor of the movie is that everything is purely digital. and its really nice to see my cousing holding mic and giving speech to media 🙂 g8 im eager to…

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Jai Ho | Slumdog millionaire

  A.R.Rahman is the first Indian who has won a Golden Globe Award. Rahman dedicated this award to India. His music score in the film Slumdog Millionaire is fantastic especially JAI HO and O saya. I also liked Paper planes by M.I.A. I’m expecting more from him. We are so lucky to have U in…

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My Favorite Movies

It’s Saturday and I’m in mood of watching movies. Sadly salary not yet credited. So I’m just listing my all time favorite movies.   ·         Life is Beautiful – I would give maximum no of stars to this movie ·         Rang de basanti – my all time favorite ·         Mozhi – a very decent movie…

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The Holiday

Yesterday was a good Sunday. I spent it pleasantly. The pleasure is all because of the movie The Holiday. It’s a very good movie that I have enjoyed from the start till the end. The movie is about relationships and is said in a beautiful way. The one thing that I loved much in the…

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