32nd Birthday

I have completed my 32nd birthday on June 10. I wasn’t much excited about it this year. The number 32 was really depressing :/

It made me think that I’m getting old and I have to keep running for something. I was very quite through out the day. 

Moreover my friend showed me a Facebook notification which made me more depressed!!! 


But I was prepared for it and know this is coming. So I decided to gift myself an Apple Watch :). My wife was against it but I told her that we definitely need it for the Finish App that we are currently creating for watch. I tried and finally convinced her to pay for it ;). I use to do that to my mom when I need such things!!


Finish App’s notification on Apple Watch
I got the watch few days before my birthday and I started to like it. 

On my birthday, my friend Bindu and his wife got me a good shirt and a cake. Gifts made me feel better :). I have also disabled the age on my Facebook profile!! 

It’s been 3 days since my birthday and now I’m alright. 

Happy Birthday to me!!

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