Swift – A new programming language

I wanted to create an iOS app which I have described in this post. Being a C# programer, it was so hard to learn Objective C, especially with the unusual syntax.

Look at what it takes to create an instance of a class in Objective-C.

ClassName *instanceName = [[ClassName  alloc]  init];

Seriously? Allocate and Initialize? Do I need to tell each and everything to it? There are too many square brackets to deal with.

Unlike me, my wife was so comfortable and picked it up real quick. She laughs at me when I complain!!

Luckily, in a month, Apple had announced its new programing language Swift for iOS and OS X. I felt like Apple heard me 😉

It is a developer friendly language and let programmers focus on logic than complex syntax.

Now look at how to instantiate a class in Swift…

var instanceName = ClassName()

No semicolons required at end of each line 🙂 It is simple and easy to code. Learn more about Apple’s Swift from their website.

I have started to learn and hope to be an expert soon.

Happy Coding!!