Happy 31’st Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and I completed 31 years.

Here’s how I spent my birthday…
I usually do not like to cut cakes so informed my friends not to bring cakes at night :). It feels so boring to me for some reason.
However my colleagues bought a cake to office to celebrate and remind me that I’m getting older 🙂


After work, I went back home, opened my mailbox and shocked for a second.


I saw a toy snake, I realized it is a toy but still scared of it. That’s a lovely gift from my wife. Never expected it from her :). She got me some nice greeting cards as well. Thank you!

Happy Birthday to me! I hope to have a great, ambitious and fruitful year ahead. Cheers!

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Hello World,
I’m Balu, from India. I write about the happenings, my thoughts etc. Catch up with me at my blog.

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  1. Happy birthday!

    Hmmm…Snake and cake on the same day. That’s interesting. I only got a cake on my BD on June 1st.

    Here’s a haiku for you…

    Cake on our birthday,
    Followed by a snake surprise,
    What a lucky guy.

  2. Hi Balu beta. Happy Birthday. I too wish you a Great, Ambitous and Fruitful year ahead. May all your wishes come true. My blessings to you and your wife.

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