Reminder App

I decided to create a reminder app for IOS. This is not a unique idea, but I just wanted to create an app and learn a language required for it.

It is so regretful that I haven’t learnt anything new for the past few years. I don’t want to be stagnated with the knowledge that will be legacy soon. So I chose to upgrade my skills to match the phone, tablet and desktop ecosystem.

There are several ways to learn a new language, I like to start developing an app and learn it on the go. Learning cocoa is more tougher than I thought, I hope I’ll grab things quick.

Why Reminder app?
I don’t know, I was talking to my friend and he wants me to remind him about something and when I opened the iOS 7 reminder app, I felt like the native app isn’t that good. Functionally, it does a great job, but I think the usability isn’t good enough.

So, I decided to start creating a reminder app with a new UX design. There are tons of reminder apps on the App Store which is so cool, but still I wanted to create a yet another app that is available in the market 🙂

I will post my progress frequently! Happy learning and coding!