The wedding invitation show off

Wedding card invitation represents ones culture and religion. I have seen many invitations which are really creative and has cool designs. At the same time I have also noticed one particular thing which is commonly used in most of the marriage invitations. It’s the education and designation mentioned next to the bride / groom and relative’s names. I wonder if it is really necessary to have those on a wedding card.

something like this…

Mr. Abc, MS, XYZ Company, Engineer, London.

Are Degree, Company, Designation and Location really required ? It sounds more like a bio data than an invitation.

I was quite sure that these status symbols should not be listed any where in my wedding card. Let me see what my family decides on my opinion. 🙂


  1. Hi Balu, in sixty’s and even in seventy’s they mentioned B.Sc. or B.A. also in some states. Nowadays proud parents will obviously show off. I want to see your Wedding invitation card. Best wishes and blessings.

  2. Congratulations B!! I cant believe I was missing out on so much by not logging in to wordpress. Expecting for you to post the photos of your lovely bride-to-be.
    With love and prayers (for both of you) ,

      1. Yeah, and it was so refreshing to read all the joys in your life. Stay blessed. Thank you for sharing your beautiful world with us.
        With love,

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