Evil dead

My friend Bindu forced me to watch Evil dead with him tonight. I tried to ignore but he was so adamant to see this horror movie. He is not much strong but still he wants to try once. I agreed at last and we were in theatre at 7.30. I started to hate the bgm and movie right from the beginning. After a while I couldn’t sustain so I bugged my friend to go out, while he begged me not to leave him alone as he is scared as hell too. I ran out to the rest room and took a break. When I’m done, I pinged Bindu that I can’t come in.


Finally, I behaved like a man and decide d to go back for my friend. I was ok and felt quite confident until the next horror scene showed up. I felt insecure again so dropped a message to my other group of friends.

I wished that all the characters in the movie die soon. When it’s over, we had dinner and he dropped me. I’m home now, on my bed, blogging from my phone with the tv and lights turned on.

I wish I had a girlfriend to spend sometime now. Huh, let me call my mom and get some positive vibes.


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  1. Hilarious πŸ˜€ Join the club ! I usually am not scared of horror movies and I usually watch them alone, sometimes in the middle of the night.. but the one movie which scared the hell out of me was Evil Dead. I switched off the TV halfway through and dropped the remote ! πŸ˜€

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