Month: April 2013

Way to go

Sky, wide and high Trees, lined up like soldiers Road, a solid river Nature inspires me to move on. Shot at Glenwood park, Cincinnati Advertisements

Evil dead

My friend Bindu forced me to watch Evil dead with him tonight. I tried to ignore but he was so adamant to see this horror movie. He is not much strong but still he wants to try once. I agreed at last and we were in theatre at 7.30. I started to hate the bgm and movie right from the…

Ohio Caverns

The trip to Ohio Caverns was nice and simple. The place is not much crowded so I enjoyed my time inside the cave with the crystal stones hanging around me. I don’t know what this exactly is…May be a Gemstone maker ? 🙂 Entrance to the cave. The treasure is hidden behind the door. Hanging crystals. This crystal in the…