King Charlie

My friend Bindu wanted to adopt a dog. He decided to buy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from a breeder 25 miles away from his home. A couple of fat white kittens and loud barking of dogs heard from backyard welcomed us. The breeder showed two sibling puppies to my friend. I was staring at little turtles swimming inside the aquarium and did not show any interest on dogs, I just love them when they are far from me ;). We came home with a puppy and named it as Charlie but I call it as King Charlie.

It’s so playful. Our weekend was busy and nice with Charlie but on weekdays at office, it was so hard for my friend to leave the little Charlie at home. We visited home during lunch to spend some time. Bindu was so occupied and couldn’t concentrate on work so he decided to return it back to the breeder.

Yeah, that was sad but he had no choice. We returned and it’s good that Charlie’s brother was still at the breeder’s house. King Charlie showed a sad face 😦

King Charlie

A guy drove for long and bought a cute puppy

He named it as Charlie and treated so lovely

Took money from his pouch and bought toys, crate and couch.

With the little pup’s play, his blues flew away

The sun went down and they slept on their own

The dog came closer when the night became darker

When it heard a loud thunder, it curled on his shoulder.

He went to office so had to leave the dog unnoticed

He felt hard at work and missed him so much

He couldn’t take care, so return it back to the breeder.

I have created a video of Charlie with my friend Bindu.


  1. pets are good when they are in neighbour’s house and love us! 🙂

    charlie rocks! definitely someone will miss him after a couple of days with him.

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