Playing a keyboard was my long time wish. I once asked my parents to buy me a keyboard that costs around 3000 INR. I was studying 4th standard at that time and I used to cry whenever I happen to see a music shop. This made my parents to get me one. They took me to an exhibition in Tirunelveli and got me a tiny keyboard for 30 rupees :). I did not bug them after that and was highly satisfied. I never played anything other than Happy Birthday song.

Now, at the age of 29, not knowing on what to do at home, I searched through my bucket list and found this old wish. Buying a keyboard!

So I hopped on to a music store and brought a keyboard, stand and a chair home.

I have no idea on what to do with these many black and white keys. I’m not going to take music lessons, they charge 20$ for half hour. I’m already broke.

I have decided (do I have a choice here ?) to learn on my own with the help of internet / books and a video lessons from GarageBand of MacBook Pro.



Lets see…In few days I will get to know whether my wish is Playing a keyboard or just Buying a keyboard :D.