Month: July 2012

Clock and Bed

The clock ticks so loud, a constant rhythm in my dream, My bed is a cloud¬†that sails far supreme. The clock turns in to a sun I’m still in my bed Wake up, Wake up! the clock hits my head. Time wants me to go But the bed says no Fight for my love continues…

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I’m a sensitive person and I can’t hide happiness, sorrow or anger inside. I’m going through a tough time at work for the past three months where my ideas are not recognized. I’m loosing temper quite often… When answers are alone expected than a solution. When my hours of analysis are underestimated and overlooked by…

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My first car

I bought my first car. It’s a pretty old 1997, Toyota Camry. I registered it in my name on tuesday and got it delivered on friday. Since childhood, I buy vehicles before I know to drive them.¬†That applies to my cycle and scooter. Till now I don’t know to drive geared motor bikes just because…

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