101. This is not an emergency number. This is the 101th post of my blog. I wanted to write about my blog experience on my 100th post but my travel experience took that place 🙂 so I’m writing it in my 101th post.

Reaching 100 is not as big or special as Sachin’s centuries of centuries. I have seen many bloggers reaching that number very soon after starting their blog. Still this 100 is special to me.

I have not continued doing anything this long. I never did anything consistent in all my life. It really surprises me that I have blogged for nearly 4 years. So this 100 is not ordinary to me.

Let me share few facts about my blog and me.

Why I blog?

I always wanted to own a website during my college days. That too, I wanted to create a web site on my own. So I created my first website in 2006 in the name of enterbaluzworld.netfirms.com (its dead now). Though I did not like the hosting service name ‘netfirms’ after my website address, I had no choice at that time :))

This crap web site was live until the free hosting service expired. I modified it a couple of times and then at some point I understood that I’m not a good web developer/designer. So I stopped wasting time on it. Still I wanted to be a part of the web space. I learned about WordPress somehow and started this blog in the name of balamuthu.wordpress.com in 2008. I recently bought the domain name balamuthu.com when I took blogging seriously.

What I blog?

I used my blog more like a Facebook in the beginning. I used to post or share what ever I find interesting on the web. Then I started to treat it as my diary and posted more about the happenings and thoughts of mine. When I read back my own blog, I felt very good.

I do not write or explain things very well and one can find hell lot of grammatical mistakes on my blog :D, still I don’t mind those and I just write what ever I feel. It’s my damn website 😀

What I read?

I like to read other people’s ramblings. I peek in to other blogs and enjoy reading theirs :). Recently I have found many interesting blogs like Kam’s Column, VandySnape, AmaltaasPurpleBooky, Rhymes with ViennaMy Cup of Tea and lot more…

I show interest to blogs about life, technology, poems and so on.

What I have learnt?

Earlier, It was hard for me to write more than few lines. But now I write so many paragraphs even if there is no matter at all.This post is an example :). I hate lengthy posts and I’m worried that mine is becoming one of those 😦

In the beginning, I don’t mention the source of images/information that I have used in my blog. Now I try to create a picture on my own or mention if I use others.

Regarding comments, I used to comment on other blogs just to make them visit my blog and get some hits :). then, I have become little honest and I started to comment genuinely expecting nothing in return. 🙂

What I expect?

I expect my blog to be a super hit and want the whole world visit my website until the server becomes down :D.I also like to make a lot of good friends.

So that is all about my blog. There is nothing more to tell.

Happy Blogging!!

Chennai to Cincinnati

It’s has been a long time since my last post. What was I’m doing on earth without being online?

I was up in the air,

Miles away from home,

Out of my comfort zone.

My Onsite travel was confirmed and i’m supposed to report Cincinnati office on April 17 2012.

I was terribly busy last week and was sick as well(102 degrees, fever). In the same week, I had spent till my credit card limit for shopping and now I’m broke 🙂

My ticket to Cincinnati, Ohio was confirmed just a day before my travel. My flight was on a Sunday night.

I had to catch three flights: Chennai – Dubai – Dallas – Cincinnati. The travel was unpleasant as I wasn’t feeling well.

Here we go…The journey to the US.

Chennai, India – Sunday night:

My mom, bro and my cousin Raj and few relatives came to the Airport to send me off. I waived bye to all and went to get my boarding passes while my family waited inside the airport. I straight away went to immigration where i was not allowed to go back to the waiting room. So I just called them and said bye. My mom instructed me to call whenever possible. I said yes moved forward.

After the security check, I had 45 minutes of waiting time and called few of my friends. I have not informed most of my friends about my travel. I have not called them even in the airport, I felt tired and just sat idle.

Chennai to Dubai:

I sat between a tamil guy and a foreigner. The tamil guy spoke well since we are from the same place. We talked a lot. he talked more about G Force, turbulence etc and sounded like an IIT student, but he is not  :D. He also advised me to drink rum and few hot drinks to get rid of cold and fever 🙂 and continued his drink when I said no.

We reached Dubai 30 minutes late. The airport was beautiful and he took photos and videos. I said bye and started moving towards my gate.

Dubai to Dallas:

I was ok till I went in to the flight, but my body temperature raised high in few hours and I fell sick again. I covered my head and slept. when I got up I felt better. I switched on the display and tuned to Air show which shows the location of the flight. I was shocked, It just moved an inch from Dubai. I still have 12+ hours of travel. I drank a lot of hot tea which I’m not used to.I watched movies and slept in all different dimensions. Finally I reached Dallas after an awful 15+ hour journey.

I landed in the US.

The first place I visited in the US is Rest room and the first thing I did was Vomit.

That’s a great way to start right 🙂

Dallas Airport:

My next flight to Cincinnati is after 8 hours.

I waited in a long queue for immigration. I was very tired and even thought of siting on a wheel chair 🙂

I dropped my documents several time while waiting in the line. People looked at me as if I am drunk.

I finally appeared before the immigration officer and got my I-94 stamped on my passport.

Then I took the skylink – train to my terminal. Now I still felt sick and cold. I bought a doughnut to eat and could not finish it. It tasted so bad. I wanted to talk to my mom. I was not able to use my indian sim card here so I purchased a prepaid calling card for 20$, but was not sure how to call :).

I found an old guy standing at the help desk. He looked like James bond wearing a tuxedo hat. I approached him and enquired about my flight. I also asked him on how to make a call with the card I have purchased. He was not sure about that too. So he gave his cell phone to make a call.

I did not want to make a call to india from his cell so I just called my colleague and informed that I have arrived Dallas and will be in Cincinnati around 9 pm.

Then I roamed through the terminal to buy a Hoodie. I found a shop and the girl inside the shop looked beautiful, she looked like an indian but sounded like an american. I went inside to buy the Hoodie. It was imprinted with the words TEXAS,Dallas and USA.

I did not take any photos during my travel. So I'm posting the one that I took today 🙂

I wanted to try it and approached the girl. She asked me to try right there over my T-shirt and to check the mirror. I liked it and bought it for 22 dollars. I also asked her about the recharge card and she explained me well. Then she asked where I’m from India? I said, I’m from TamilNadu. She smiled and told me that her origin is Kerala and her husband is a keralite too.

My guess was correct 🙂 But she’s married 😦

I moved out of the shop and still 5 hours left. I found a place to sit and fell asleep. I did not care about my luggage. I slept like a monster and got up just 30 minutes before my flight depart time.

I ran to the help desk and they wanted me to go to another gate.

Dallas to Cincinnati:

I boarded in to the flight and it was a short journey. I finally landed in Cincinnati and called my colleague niraj from the pubic phone. He said he will reach in 15 minutes and wanted me to call him again.

I waited near the exit. A man was busy with his laptop and smiled at me when I saw him. I then went back to the public phone to call my colleague, but I did not have enough coins to make a call.

The man saw me and asked ‘Do you want to make a call with my iPhone’ I wondered why people say iPhone instead of just Phone? I said yes and he dialed the number from his phone sorry iPhone 🙂

After the call, I thanked him for his generosity. He asked me which is the largest city in India. I was not sure, but I said Mumbai. He smiled and welcomed me to Cincinnati.He is a gentle man. My colleague Niraj came in few minutes and picked me up. I first wanted his phone to call my MOM. he said its unlimited to India so you can make any number of calls. I just grabbed and called my MOM and informed about my arrival.

That’s all about my journey.

I slept well in the night and went to office the next day. I wake up daily and my colleague will pick me up in the car and drop me in the evening. It has been 5 days in Cincinnati and I have not walked out of my room till now.

So how it is going to be here…Let me see!!

And…this is my 100th post. Great! congrats to me!!

Newborn day


Cuckoo’s coo-coo,

Squirrel’s shrill and

Parrot’s song,

Wakes up the sleeping city!

Cold Morning breeze,

Dance of greeny leaves and

Gleams of the solar king,

Welcomes the newborn day!


Note: I wanted to post this in the early morning, but creating a picture for my poem took this much time. Now I’m confused whether it looks like a sunrise or sunset. Please assume it as a sunrise 😀

The Moon and Me

Sitting in the balcony,

Late hours of the midnight,

I’m blogging in the moonlight.


Song of the breeze,

Night clouds dance,

For the delight of the queen.

I smiled at the moon and

the queen of the sky,

Felt little shy!

I fell in love,

In the silence of the night,

With the friendly satellite!

Graph Theory

Vertex, Nodes and my MS degree

Graph theory is the only subject that holds me from completing my MS degree. Yesterday, I wrote this exam for the third time and I don’t think there is any chance to pass.

I have a very low internal (19/50), so I need 62 marks in external to clear this exam. In all my life time, I have not scored 60% in mathematics.

If I do not know an answer, I would create a new concept on my own 🙂 but that does not work with Graph theory.



The questions were not that complicated, but I was very disturbed with one particular question.

Three boys and four girls:

Though I knew all possible sets of guys who can marry one of their cousins, I was very much worried and had a deep concern about the girl who is single.  I tried hard, but at least one girl has to be left alone in the end. 😦

Marriage of the fourth girl is out of the scope in this question, still my mind started to think about the possibilities…

  • One of the guys have to marry one more cousin, but that is against moral.
  • I’m single, so I can marry the fourth girl, but I’m not her cousin.

The university should have come up with equal sets of boys and girls, so that every one would get married and the answer would have a Happy Ending. 🙂

The university is merciless to the fourth girl. At least will they show some kindness on my paper evaluation?