Awesome Blog Content Award

I have been given the Awesome Blog Content Award (ABC Award) by PurpleBooky. This is my first award and it was a nice surprise to me. Thank you PurpleBooky 🙂

In response to the award, the blogger has to run through the alphabets that describes them in a word or a sentence and then nominate it to few other blogs.

Here is the list of ABC’s about me:

A- I’m an Ambitious, well organized person…(Taken the first line from my resume :)).

B – Balamuthu is my name, Blogging is my hobby.

C – I’m Careless and responsible.

D – I Dream a lot (not only in the night).

E – I Eat less and drink more (Non alcohol).

F – I’m a Funny and a serious person.

G – I Google for everything.

H – I want to be a Hero in my profession.

I – Ireland is my favorite place.

J – I don’t Judge people.

K – I always want Kick in my Life (By kick, I mean to have an interesting and an adventurous life, not the real kick :)).

L – I believe that Love keeps the world alive.

M – misterB is my another name 🙂

N – I’m afraid to sleep alone at Night (Not often :)).

O – Oceans makes me feel like the world has no end.

P – PurpleBooky is one of my favorite Blog.

Q – I’m Quite most of the time.

R – I’m slowly becoming a Reader.

S – Shrek I is my favorite movie.

T – I’m a Tube-light. Yes, My mom says that often, I understand things verrrry slowwww.

U – Unthan desathin Kural (Yeh jo des hai tera, Swades) is my favorite song.

V – VolksWagen Beetle is my favorite car.

W – I’m bad in Writing, but good in thinking 😉

X – I like to celebrate X-Mas in a snowy place though I’m not a Christian.

Y – You, I like You, I like the person who read this :).

Z – ZZzzzz. I love sleeping. Are you feeling sleepy too 😀

I hope the alphabets are in order 🙂

Now it’s time to nominate this ABC awards to other bloggers. I’m not sure that any of these blogs has already tagged by this award. Anyway, Here is the list of my favorite blogs which are more interesting and inspiring.

Kam’s Column – Mr. Kam’s blog reminds me of good old college days.

Platform 9 – 3/4 – This is my favorite blog as the blogger posts more about chennai 🙂

My Cup of Tea – This is another interesting blog that does not stick with one particular genre.

misterB’s day out

I took off from work yesterday and went for the movie John Carter. I enjoyed it well and I liked this advise from the hero.

Find a cause,

Fall in love,

Write a book.

– John Carter

Then we went for shopping at Skywalk and purchased a couple of dresses to wear at Onsite though my travel date is some time next month which is still not confirmed 😉

I clicked a few snaps…

Kites under the roof

It was nice to see the kites hanging atop the mall

Mr.Kite winker

Is this kite smiling at us ? 🙂

Partha, My friend

Partha and I watched movies and shopped many times in this mall, but we roamed through the mall like a first time visit 🙂

mister B, The kite runner 🙂

I don’t know how to pose and express properly. Stumbling smiles 😀

That was a perfect evening spent outside. Now I have to go office. Lot of work pending at my desk 🙂

A day off from work

It is a wednesday, mid of the week and a long way for a week end. I got up at 4 am and worked on a stupid newsletter design and again fell asleep at 6.20 am 🙂

It is my colleague who wake me up over the phone at 10.30 and reminded me about office. I walked out to balcony after my shower and it looked very sunny outside.

I went back to the room, texted my PL that I’m taking off and locked myself form the outside world 🙂

There is absolutely no reason for my day off, so I made it useful by booking tickets for the movie John Carter.

Huh my friend partha is bugging me to stop blogging and to get ready for the movie. The show is at 4 pm and I got to go now 🙂

Hope we will enjoy the movie.


Visa Approved

I just got my visa approved. My appointment was at 9 am and I reached there by 8.15.

These were the questions they asked during my personal appearance.

VO : What is your company name?

ME : I work with XYZ

VO : Where are going?

ME : I replied

VO : Who is your client?

ME : Said that in a word

VO : Where did you complete your School?

ME : I’m confused, I studied in more than three schools, So not sure what to tell, but before I reply he asked..

VO : I mean, your highest education?

ME : I replied.

That’s all, He said that my visa got approved!!

I said Good Day and left..

Finished with in a minute…I’m back home now and blogging 🙂

The New iPad

Apple has revealed its next iPad. While we were expecting the iPad3, apple has named it as just ‘The New iPad’.

By watching the 1.5 hour keynote from their website, I understood that it does not have a revolutionary factor. Of course, we cannot expect a major change or innovation from every apple product release 🙂  Still it has some interesting features.

Retina display:

iPad comes with the Retina display and Apple calls its as Resolutionary. 🙂 Yes!! The display would be stunning with 2048*1536 resolution. The question is, is it really required to bring those many pixels to a 9.7-inch display?

A5 X Chip:

The processor is really faster than the older one. Of course, every new product would have the new advanced processor than the previous. So this is not a jaw-dropping feature.

iSight 5 MP camera and HD recording:

The rear camera is now 5 Mega Pixel. Apple says that it comes with advanced optics. HD video recording is possible with auto stabilization. Holding the iPad firmly and shooting videos is bit hard due to its flat shape. So bringing in the video stabilization feature makes sense.

Voice dictation:

It is just Voice dictation that translates the voice to texts.The software does not type in a comma and full stops unless you specifically say ‘Period’ and ‘Comma’ in between the sentances. Unavailability of Siri is a big disappointment. Apple might have thought that iPhone’s sale would come down if it includes those features in iPad.  🙂


iPad now supports 4G LTE. 4th generation networks are really faster than 3G. That’s a good feature for the people who live in the country that has 4G networks. In India, we are still not using the 3G networks due to its costs. 🙂

Apps from Apple:

Updated apps like iMovie and Garageband are interesting and good to have with this new iPad. The best part is the inclusion of iPhoto of iLife family. It looks great and editing becomes simply easy with a couple of touches.

Apple confirmed iPad’s release on March 16 in the US and few countries. Rest of the countries will have it on March 23 but India is nowhere in any of the lists.

That is all about The New iPad. When I go to the United States I would definitely buy an iPad. 🙂

Places to go

I am not a traveller and I do not own a huge backpack and binoculars. I have not come out of my comfort zone but now I feel like going places that I have never been before. So I’m writing down my top 5 favorite place that I want to visit.

Here we go…

Taj Mahal, Agra

I’m an Indian living in the southern part for 29 years and have not visited Taj Mahal till now. So this is a strictly favorite place 🙂

Taj Mahal, Agra


Ireland is the one place I definitely want to visit. I came to know about Ireland’s beauty from the movie ‘Leap Year’. I fell in love with the islands of Ireland. I may not have sufficient money to go but I will surely travel there someday.

Ireland. Image courtesy -


The city of lights and love is one of my favorite place and of course, The Eiffel Tower 🙂

Eiffel Tower, Paris


Another Island in my favorite list after Ireland. Lakshadweep is bit easier to reach from south india. I hope to visit this place one day 🙂


New York

I heard about this city and it sounded more like chennai and mumbai :). I may visit this most populous and the busiest city of US.

Statue of Liberty, NewYork

These are the places I wish to go. Out of these, Ireland is my most favorite.

Hope I will earn some money to visit all these places someday 🙂


Image Source – Google

Installing Windows 8

The Windows 8 Consumer preview was released on February 29. I started downloading the ISO the same day It was released and it took me 2 1/2 days to complete the download with my 256 kbps connection 🙂

I used VMware Fusion to install the Windows 8 CP on my OS X Lion. It tool the below simple steps to complete the installation in 20 minutes.

It starts with the usual installation procedure by asking the Language,keyboard input method followed by this screen. Look at the new Metro style Windows Logo. It’s simple and clean 🙂

It will ask for the product key once you click the Install now button. I forgot to copy the product key while downloading and then got it back from the same windows 8 CP download page. I chose Custom installation and then came up the familiar widows installation screen 🙂

After installation, It asks for personalizing the computer. It gives you a choice for choosing the color. None of it was good so I chose the default one.

Once personalization is over, it showed up the Settings screen to keep your computer up to date and then the account page that asks for the windows live ID and login credentials. Once all these are completed, The windows shows up my favourite Metro Style Start screen 🙂

I had to install the VMware tools for drivers and then installed a couple of updates that prompted as important. Finally I’m all set to play with the Windows 8 🙂

I will post again about my experiance with this beta OS.